Thanh H. Trinh
Thanh H. Trinh
Food Science and Technology, HCMC University of Industry and Trade
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Review on materials & methods to produce controlled release coated urea fertilizer
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Modelling the release of nitrogen from controlled release fertiliser: Constant and decay release
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Torrefaction of empty fruit bunches under biomass combustion gas atmosphere
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Modeling the release of nitrogen from controlled-release fertilizer with imperfect coating in soils and water
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Dynamic of water absorption in controlled release fertilizer and its relationship with the release of nutrient
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Use of multi-diffusion model to study the release of urea from urea fertilizer coated with polyurethane-like coating (PULC)
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Vapor-phase hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived bio-oil over Al-MCM-41 supported Pd-Co and Pd-Fe catalysts
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Nutrient release characteristics and coating homogeneity of biopolymer coated urea as a function of fluidized bed process variables
B Azeem, KZ KuShaari, Z Man, TH Trinh
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Effect of Particle Size and Coating Thickness on the Release of Urea Using Multi-Diffusion Model
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Hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol over Pd–Co and Pd–Fe catalysts: Deactivation and regeneration
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Modeling of urea release from coated urea for prediction of coating material diffusivity
T Trinh, A Shuib, KZ Ku Shaari, L Ismail
Spreading of Low Impact Velocity Droplet on Porous Surface
A Basit, KZ KuShaari, TH Trinh, B Azeem
on the surface 5 (2), 95-99, 2014
Enhancement of syngas production from dry reforming of methane over Co/Al2O3 catalyst: Insight into the promotional effects of europium and neodymium
CQ Pham, ANT Cao, PTT Phuong, TTV Tran, TH Trinh, DVN Vo, TPT Bui, ...
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Effect of fluidized-bed process variables on controlled-release of nitrogen and coating
B Azeem, KZ KuShaari, Z Man, TH Trinh
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UV/ozone treatment of the pyrethroid insecticide fenvalerate in aqueous solutions
NTT Tran, TH Trinh, NM Hoang, TM Ngo
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Tumbling fluidized-bed process parameters affecting quality of biopolymer coating on surface of pristine urea particles
B Azeem, KZ KuShaari, Z Man, SA Irfan, TH Trinh
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Study the Release of Urea from Agrium® Coated Urea Using UV-Vis Spectrometer
TH Trinh, QN Dao, KZ Ku Shaari, L Ismail, A Shuib
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Improvement of energy density and energy yield of oil palm biomass by torrefaction in combustion gas
Y Uemura, V Sellappah, TH Trinh, M Komiyama, S Hassan, K Tanoue
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Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane Over Co/Al2O3 Catalysts Doped with Manganese
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A theoretical equation presenting slope in van Krevelen diagram for biomass pyrolysis
TH Trinh, Y Uemura
Platform: A Journal of Engineering 3 (1), 56-64, 2019
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