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Combustion characteristics and emissions of 2-methylfuran compared to 2, 5-dimethylfuran, gasoline and ethanol in a DISI engine
C Wang, H Xu, R Daniel, A Ghafourian, JM Herreros, S Shuai, X Ma
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Impact of fuel and injection system on particle emissions from a GDI engine
C Wang, H Xu, JM Herreros, J Wang, R Cracknell
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Air and PCM cooling for battery thermal management considering battery cycle life
F Chen, R Huang, C Wang, X Yu, H Liu, Q Wu, K Qian, R Bhagat
Applied Thermal Engineering 173, 115154, 2020
Fuel injector deposits in direct-injection spark-ignition engines
H Xu, C Wang, X Ma, AK Sarangi, A Weall, J Krueger-Venus
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 50, 63-80, 2015
State of charge estimation for lithium-ion battery based on an Intelligent Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter with improved noise estimator
D Sun, X Yu, C Wang, C Zhang, R Huang, Q Zhou, T Amietszajew, ...
Energy 214, 119025, 2021
Ethanol blends in spark ignition engines: RON, octane-added value, cooling effect, compression ratio, and potential engine efficiency gain
C Wang, S Zeraati-Rezaei, L Xiang, H Xu
Applied energy 191, 603-619, 2017
Investigation of EGR effect on combustion and PM emissions in a DISI engine
T Lattimore, C Wang, H Xu, ML Wyszynski, S Shuai
Applied Energy 161, 256-267, 2016
Fuel effect on particulate matter composition and soot oxidation in a direct-injection spark ignition (DISI) engine
C Wang, H Xu, JM Herreros, T Lattimore, S Shuai
Energy & fuels 28 (3), 2003-2012, 2014
Combustion performance of 2, 5-dimethylfuran blends using dual-injection compared to direct-injection in a SI engine
R Daniel, H Xu, C Wang, D Richardson, S Shuai
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Dual-injection as a knock mitigation strategy using pure ethanol and methanol
R Daniel, C Wang, H Xu, G Tian, D Richardson
SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants 5 (2), 772-784, 2012
Speciation of hydrocarbon and carbonyl emissions of 2, 5-dimethylfuran combustion in a DISI engine
R Daniel, L Wei, H Xu, C Wang, ML Wyszynski, S Shuai
Energy & fuels 26 (11), 6661-6668, 2012
Methanol as an octane booster for gasoline fuels
C Wang, Y Li, C Xu, T Badawy, A Sahu, C Jiang
Fuel 248, 76-84, 2019
Gaseous and particulate matter emissions of biofuel blends in dual-injection compared to direct-injection and port injection
R Daniel, H Xu, C Wang, D Richardson, S Shuai
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Laminar flame characteristics of cyclopentanone at elevated temperatures
X Bao, Y Jiang, H Xu, C Wang, T Lattimore, L Tang
Applied energy 195, 671-680, 2017
Biofuels from Lignocellulosic Biomass - Innovations beyond Bioethanol
CW Michael Boot
Wiley, 2016
Splash blended ethanol in a spark ignition engine–Effect of RON, octane sensitivity and charge cooling
C Wang, A Janssen, A Prakash, R Cracknell, H Xu
Fuel 196, 21-31, 2017
Primary combustion intermediates in lean and rich low-pressure premixed laminar 2-methylfuran/oxygen/argon flames
L Wei, Z Li, L Tong, Z Wang, H Jin, M Yao, Z Zheng, C Wang, H Xu
Energy & fuels 26 (11), 6651-6660, 2012
Microscopic and macroscopic characterization of spray impingement under flash boiling conditions with the application of split injection strategy
Z Wang, Y Li, H Guo, C Wang, H Xu
Fuel 212, 315-325, 2018
Microscopic level study on the spray impingement process and characteristics
Z Wang, H Guo, C Wang, H Xu, Y Li
Applied energy 197, 114-123, 2017
Selection of second-generation crop for biodiesel extraction and testing its impact with nano additives on diesel engine performance and emissions
T Badawy, MS Mansour, AM Daabo, MMA Aziz, AA Othman, F Barsoum, ...
Energy 237, 121605, 2021
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