Eva C. McClure
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Colour vision and response bias in a coral reef fish
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Shoaling reduces metabolic rate in a gregarious coral reef fish species
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Phenotypic plasticity confers multiple fitness benefits to a mimic
F Cortesi, WE Feeney, MCO Ferrari, PA Waldie, GAC Phillips, ...
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COVID-19 recovery can benefit biodiversity
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Drivers of herbivory on coral reefs: species, habitat and management effects
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Fish use colour to learn compound visual signals
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Cross-shelf differences in the response of herbivorous fish assemblages to severe environmental disturbances
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Changes in local free-living parasite populations in response to cleaner manipulation over 12 years
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Impaired growth and survival of tropical macroalgae (Sargassum spp.) at elevated temperatures
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Higher fish biomass inside than outside marine protected areas despite typhoon impacts in a complex reefscape
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Holdfasts of Sargassum swartzii are resistant to herbivory and resilient to damage
Z Loffler, A Graba-Landry, JT Kidgell, EC McClure, MS Pratchett, AS Hoey
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Cleaner wrasse influence habitat selection of young damselfish
D Sun, KL Cheney, J Werminghausen, EC McClure, MG Meekan, ...
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Indian Sundarbans mangrove forest considered endangered under Red List of Ecosystems, but there is cause for optimism
M Sievers, MR Chowdhury, MF Adame, P Bhadury, R Bhargava, ...
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Artificial intelligence meets citizen science to supercharge ecological monitoring
EC McClure, M Sievers, CJ Brown, CA Buelow, EM Ditria, MA Hayes, ...
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Parasite infection directly impacts escape response and stress levels in fish
BJM Allan, B Illing, EP Fakan, P Narvaez, AS Grutter, PC Sikkel, ...
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The differential importance of deep and shallow seagrass to nekton assemblages of the great barrier reef
MA Hayes, EC McClure, PH York, KI Jinks, MA Rasheed, M Sheaves, ...
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Opportunities for improving recognition of coastal wetlands in global ecosystem assessment frameworks
CJ Brown, MF Adame, CA Buelow, MA Frassl, SY Lee, B Mackey, ...
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Ecology and evolution 10 (24), 13673-13686, 2020
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