Håkan Olin
Håkan Olin
Professor, Materials Physics, Mid Sweden University
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Sitert av
Nanopipettes for metal transport
K Svensson, H Olin, E Olsson
Physical review letters 93 (14), 145901, 2004
Synthesis of metal and metal oxide nanowire and nanotube arrays within a mesoporous silica template
TA Crowley, KJ Ziegler, DM Lyons, D Erts, H Olin, MA Morris, JD Holmes
Chemistry of materials 15 (18), 3518-3522, 2003
Preparation and characterization of electrochemically etched W tips for STM
I Ekvall, E Wahlström, D Claesson, H Olin, E Olsson
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Conductance quantization histograms of gold nanowires at 4 K
JL Costa-Krämer, N García, H Olin
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Compact design of a transmission electron microscope-scanning tunneling microscope holder with three-dimensional coarse motion
K Svensson, Y Jompol, H Olin, E Olsson
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Maxwell and Sharvin conductance in gold point contacts investigated using TEM-STM
D Erts, H Olin, L Ryen, E Olsson, A Thölén
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Conductance quantization in bismuth nanowires at 4 K
JL Costa-Krämer, N Garcia, H Olin
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Real time monitoring of the drug release of rhodamine B on graphene oxide
R Zhang, M Hummelgard, G Lv, H Olin
Carbon 49 (4), 1126–1132, 2011
Three dimensional architectures of ultra-high density semiconducting nanowires deposited on chip
KM Ryan, D Erts, H Olin, MA Morris, JD Holmes
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (20), 6284-6288, 2003
Bistable nanoelectromechanical devices
KJ Ziegler, DM Lyons, JD Holmes, D Erts, B Polyakov, H Olin, K Svensson, ...
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Force interactions and adhesion of gold contacts using a combined atomic force microscope and transmission electron microscope
D Erts, A Lohmus, R Lohmus, H Olin, AV Pokropivny, L Ryen, K Svensson
Applied Surface Science 188 (3-4), 460-466, 2002
Rubbed polyimide films studied by scanning force microscopy
YB Kim, H Olin, SY Park, JW Choi, L Komitov, M Matuszczyk, ...
Applied physics letters 66 (17), 2218-2219, 1995
Access point for mobile devices in a packet based network and a method and system for billing in such a network
US Patent 8,229,813, 2012
Metal-free supercapacitor with aqueous electrolyte and low-cost carbon materials
N Blomquist, T Wells, B Andres, J Bäckström, S Forsberg, H Olin
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-7, 2017
Exfoliated MoS2 in Water without Additives
V Forsberg, R Zhang, J Bäckström, C Dahlström, B Andres, M Norgren, ...
PloS one 11 (4), e0154522, 2016
Electrical sintering of silver nanoparticle ink studied by in-situ TEM probing
M Hummelgård, R Zhang, HE Nilsson, H Olin
PloS one 6 (2), e17209, 2011
Long-range interaction between adatoms at the Cu (111) surface imaged by scanning tunnelling microscopy
E Wahlström, I Ekvall, H Olin, L Walldén
Applied Physics A 66 (1), 1107-1110, 1998
Spatial and mechanical properties of dilute DNA monolayers on gold imaged by AFM
D Erts, B Polyakov, H Olin, E Tuite
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Porous gold films—a short review on recent progress
R Zhang, H Olin
Materials 7 (5), 3834-3854, 2014
Free-electron model for mesoscopic force fluctuations in nanowires
S Blom, H Olin, JL Costa-Krämer, N Garcia, M Jonson, PA Serena, ...
Physical Review B 57 (15), 8830, 1998
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