Markus Handal Sneve
Markus Handal Sneve
Department of Psychology, University of Oslo
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Pupil size signals mental effort deployed during multiple object tracking and predicts brain activity in the dorsal attention network and the locus coeruleus
D Alnæs, MH Sneve, T Espeseth, T Endestad, SHP van de Pavert, ...
Journal of vision 14 (4), 1-1, 2014
The disconnected brain and executive function decline in aging
AM Fjell, MH Sneve, H Grydeland, AB Storsve, KB Walhovd
Cerebral cortex 27 (3), 2303-2317, 2017
Brain events underlying episodic memory changes in aging: a longitudinal investigation of structural and functional connectivity
AM Fjell, MH Sneve, AB Storsve, H Grydeland, A Yendiki, KB Walhovd
Cerebral cortex 26 (3), 1272-1286, 2016
Relationship between structural and functional connectivity change across the adult lifespan: a longitudinal investigation
AM Fjell, MH Sneve, H Grydeland, AB Storsve, IK Amlien, A Yendiki, ...
Human brain mapping 38 (1), 561-573, 2017
Functional connectivity change across multiple cortical networks relates to episodic memory changes in aging
AM Fjell, MH Sneve, H Grydeland, AB Storsve, AMG de Lange, IK Amlien, ...
Neurobiology of Aging 36 (12), 3255-3268, 2015
Attentional load modulates large-scale functional brain connectivity beyond the core attention networks
D Alnæs, T Kaufmann, G Richard, EP Duff, MH Sneve, T Endestad, ...
Neuroimage 109, 260-272, 2015
Mechanisms underlying encoding of short-lived versus durable episodic memories
MH Sneve, H Grydeland, L Nyberg, B Bowles, IK Amlien, E Langnes, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (13), 5202-5212, 2015
The effects of tDCS upon sustained visual attention are dependent on cognitive load
JM Roe, M Nesheim, NC Mathiesen, T Moberget, D Alnæs, MH Sneve
Neuropsychologia 80, 1-8, 2016
Anterior and posterior hippocampus macro‐and microstructure across the lifespan in relation to memory—A longitudinal study
E Langnes, MH Sneve, D Sederevicius, IK Amlien, KB Walhovd, AM Fjell
Hippocampus 30 (7), 678-692, 2020
Visual short-term memory: Activity supporting encoding and maintenance in retinotopic visual cortex
MH Sneve, D Alnæs, T Endestad, MW Greenlee, S Magnussen
Neuroimage 63 (1), 166-178, 2012
Age‐related differences in brain network activation and co‐activation during multiple object tracking
ES Dørum, D Alnæs, T Kaufmann, G Richard, MJ Lund, S Tønnesen, ...
Brain and behavior 6 (11), e00533, 2016
Nicotinic receptor gene CHRNA4 interacts with processing load in attention
T Espeseth, MH Sneve, H Rootwelt, B Laeng
PloS one 5 (12), e14407, 2010
Functional connectivity indicates differential roles for the intraparietal sulcus and the superior parietal lobule in multiple object tracking
D Alnæs, MH Sneve, G Richard, KC Skåtun, T Kaufmann, JE Nordvik, ...
Neuroimage 123, 129-137, 2015
The Roots of Alzheimer's Disease: Are High-Expanding Cortical Areas Preferentially Targeted?
AM Fjell, IK Amlien, MH Sneve, H Grydeland, CK Tamnes, TA Chaplin, ...
Cerebral Cortex 25 (9), 2556-2565, 2015
Top–down modulation from inferior frontal junction to FEFs and intraparietal sulcus during short-term memory for visual features
MH Sneve, S Magnussen, D Alnæs, T Endestad, M D'Esposito
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 25 (11), 1944-1956, 2013
Continuity and discontinuity in human cortical development and change from embryonic stages to old age
AM Fjell, CH Chen, D Sederevicius, MH Sneve, H Grydeland, ...
Cerebral Cortex 29 (9), 3879-3890, 2019
Maintained frontal activity underlies high memory function over 8 years in aging
D Vidal-Piñeiro, MH Sneve, LH Nyberg, AM Mowinckel, D Sederevicius, ...
Cerebral Cortex 29 (7), 3111-3123, 2019
High-expanding regions in primate cortical brain evolution support supramodal cognitive flexibility
MH Sneve, H Grydeland, MGP Rosa, T Paus, T Chaplin, K Walhovd, ...
Cerebral Cortex 29 (9), 3891-3901, 2019
Development and decline of the hippocampal long-axis specialization and differentiation during encoding and retrieval of episodic memories
E Langnes, D Vidal-Piñeiro, MH Sneve, IK Amlien, KB Walhovd, AM Fjell
Cerebral Cortex 29 (8), 3398-3414, 2019
Short-term retention of visual information: Evidence in support of feature-based attention as an underlying mechanism
MH Sneve, KK Sreenivasan, D Alnæs, T Endestad, S Magnussen
Neuropsychologia 66, 1-9, 2015
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