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Michael Y. Roleda
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The genus Laminaria sensu lato : recent insights and developments
I Bartsch, C Wiencke, K Bischof, CM Buchholz, BH Buck, A Eggert, ...
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PW Boyd, PW Dillingham, CM McGraw, EA Armstrong, CE Cornwall, ...
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Ocean acidification and seaweed reproduction: increased CO 2 ameliorates the negative effect of lowered pH on meiospore germination in the giant kelp M acrocystis pyrifera (L …
MY Roleda, JN Morris, CM McGraw, CL Hurd
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Variations in polyphenol and heavy metal contents of wild-harvested and cultivated seaweed bulk biomass: Health risk assessment and implication for food applications
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PAR and UVBR effects on photosynthesis, viability, growth and DNA in different life stages of coexisting Gigartinales: implications for recruitment and zonation pattern
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X Liu, K Bogaert, AH Engelen, F Leliaert, MY Roleda, O De Clerck
Botanica Marina 60 (2), 89-108, 2017
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