Hideaki Shimazaki
Hideaki Shimazaki
CHAIN, Hokkaido University
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Sitert av
A method for selecting the bin size of a time histogram
H Shimazaki, S Shinomoto
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H Shimazaki, S Shinomoto
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Olfactory learning without the mushroom bodies: spiking neural network models of the honeybee lateral antennal lobe tract reveal its capacities in odour memory tasks of varied …
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Hunger potentiates the habenular winner pathway for social conflict by orexin-promoted biased alternative splicing of the AMPA receptor gene
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H Shimazaki
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Single-trial estimation of stimulus and spike-history effects on time-varying ensemble spiking activity of multiple neurons: a simulation study
H Shimazaki
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The principles of adaptation in organisms and machines I: machine learning, information theory, and thermodynamics
H Shimazaki
arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.11233, 2019
Neurons as an Information-theoretic Engine
H Shimazaki
arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.07855, 2015
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