Beate M. Slaby
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The sponge holobiont in a changing ocean: from microbes to ecosystems
L Pita, L Rix, BM Slaby, A Franke, U Hentschel
Microbiome 6 (1), 46, 2018
Lifestyle evolution in cyanobacterial symbionts of sponges
I Burgsdorf, BM Slaby, KM Handley, M Haber, J Blom, CW Marshall, ...
MBio 6 (3), 2015
Metagenomic binning of a marine sponge microbiome reveals unity in defense but metabolic specialization
BM Slaby, T Hackl, H Horn, K Bayer, U Hentschel
The ISME journal 11 (11), 2465-2478, 2017
An enrichment of CRISPR and other defense-related features in marine sponge-associated microbial metagenomes
H Horn, BM Slaby, MT Jahn, K Bayer, L Moitinho-Silva, F Förster, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 1751, 2016
Metagenomic binning reveals versatile nutrient cycling and distinct adaptive features in alphaproteobacterial symbionts of marine sponges
E Karimi, BM Slaby, AR Soares, J Blom, U Hentschel, R Costa
FEMS microbiology ecology 94 (6), fiy074, 2018
Marine sponges as Chloroflexi hot spots: genomic insights and high-resolution visualization of an abundant and diverse symbiotic clade
K Bayer, MT Jahn, BM Slaby, L Moitinho-Silva, U Hentschel
MSystems 3 (6), 2018
Phylogeny and genomics of SAUL, an enigmatic bacterial lineage frequently associated with marine sponges
C Astudillo‐García, BM Slaby, DW Waite, K Bayer, U Hentschel, ...
Environmental microbiology 20 (2), 561-576, 2018
Genomic blueprints of sponge-prokaryote symbiosis are shared by low abundant and cultivatable Alphaproteobacteria
E Karimi, T Keller-Costa, BM Slaby, CJ Cox, UN da Rocha, U Hentschel, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-15, 2019
Marine sponges as
K Bayer, MT Jahn, BM Slaby, L Moitinho-Silva, U Hentschel
Chloroflexi, 2018
Draft Genome Sequences of “Candidatus Synechococcus spongiarum,” cyanobacterial symbionts of the mediterranean sponge Aplysina aerophoba
BM Slaby, U Hentschel
Genome Announcements 5 (17), 2017
Microbial diversity of the glass sponge Vazella pourtalesii in response to anthropogenic activities
K Busch, L Beazley, E Kenchington, F Whoriskey, BM Slaby, U Hentschel
bioRxiv, 2020
Marine sponge holobionts in health and disease
BM Slaby, A Franke, L Rix, L Pita, K Bayer, MT Jahn, U Hentschel
Symbiotic Microbiomes of Coral Reefs Sponges and Corals, 81-104, 2019
Exploring the Microbiome of the Mediterranean Sponge Aplysina Aerophoba by Single-cell and Metagenomics: Untersuchungen Am Mikrobiom Des Mittelmeerschwamms Aplysina Aerophoba …
B Slaby
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, 2017
Deciphering a marine bone degrading microbiome reveals a complex community effort
E Borchert, A Garcia-Moyano, S Sanchez-Carrillo, TG Dahlgren, ...
bioRxiv,, 2020
Microbial Diversity of Deep-sea Sponges-an Ecological Perspective across Scales
K Busch, BM Slaby, HT Rapp, U Hentschel, SponGES Consortium
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, 2020
Bacterial precursors and unsaturated long-chain fatty acids are biomarkers of North-Atlantic demosponges
A de Kluijver, KGJ Nierop, TM Morganti, MC Bart, BM Slaby, U Hanz, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
Microbial diversity of deep-sea sponges: Insights into an extensive virtual reference collection and applications in marine conservation
K Busch, BM Slaby, HT Rapp, U Hentschel
Microbial strategies for survival in the glass sponge Vazella pourtalesii
K Bayer, K Busch, E Kenchington, L Beazley, S Franzenburg, J Michels, ...
BioRxiv, 2020
Creatures of the cold and deep: the sponge microbiota of Langseth Ridge
BM Slaby, K Busch, A Purser, T Morganti, HT Rapp, A Boetius, ...
Den Unkultivierbaren auf der Spur
K Bayer, B Slaby, U Hentschel
BIOspektrum 21 (1), 17-19, 2015
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