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Ionic Conduction in P (VdF-HFP)/PVdF–(PC+ DEC)–LiClO4 Polymer Gel Electrolytes
D Saikia, A Kumar
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4 Marker-Assisted Selection as a Component of Conventional Plant Breeding
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R Bandopadhyay, S Sharma, S Rustgi, R Singh, A Kumar, HS Balyan, ...
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Evaluation of the interpretative skills of participants of a limited transthoracic echocardiography training course (HART scan® course)
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Interdependence of cultivar and environment on fiber composition in wheat bran
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Physical mapping resources for large plant genomes: radiation hybrids for wheat D-genome progenitor Aegilops tauschii
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A major QTL for gluten strength in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum)
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VK Tiwari, A Heesacker, O Riera‐Lizarazu, H Gunn, S Wang, Y Wang, ...
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Genetic diversity and population structure among pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivars as revealed by simple sequence repeat and novel genic markers
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DNA repair and crossing over favor similar chromosome regions as discovered in radiation hybrid of Triticum
A Kumar, FM Bassi, E Paux, O Al-Azzam, MM de Jimenez, AM Denton, ...
BMC genomics 13 (1), 1-12, 2012
Novel nuclear-cytoplasmic interaction in wheat (Triticum aestivum) induces vigorous plants
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Functional & integrative genomics 16 (2), 171-182, 2016
An overview of QTL identification and marker-assisted selection for grain protein content in wheat
A Kumar, S Jain, EM Elias, M Ibrahim, LK Sharma
Eco-friendly agro-biological techniques for enhancing crop productivity, 245-274, 2018
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