Rachata Muneepeerakul
Rachata Muneepeerakul
Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida
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Neutral metacommunity models predict fish diversity patterns in Mississippi–Missouri basin
R Muneepeerakul, E Bertuzzo, HJ Lynch, WF Fagan, A Rinaldo, ...
Nature 453 (7192), 220-222, 2008
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I Rodriguez‐Iturbe, R Muneepeerakul, E Bertuzzo, SA Levin, A Rinaldo
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R Muneepeerakul, JS Weitz, SA Levin, A Rinaldo, I Rodriguez-Iturbe
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R Muneepeerakul, A Rinaldo, I Rodriguez‐Iturbe
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HJ Lynch, EH Campbell Grant, R Muneepeerakul, M Arunachalam, ...
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Daily streamflow analysis based on a two‐scaled gamma pulse model
R Muneepeerakul, S Azaele, G Botter, A Rinaldo, I Rodriguez‐Iturbe
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M Convertino, R Muneepeerakul, S Azaele, E Bertuzzo, A Rinaldo, ...
Water Resources Research 45 (8), 2009
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