Mark Roelfsema
Mark Roelfsema
Utrecht University
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Greenhouse gas emissions from current and enhanced policies of China until 2030: can emissions peak before 2030?
M den Elzen, H Fekete, N Höhne, A Admiraal, N Forsell, AF Hof, ...
Energy Policy 89, 224-236, 2016
The Copenhagen Accord: abatement costs and carbon prices resulting from the submissions
MGJ Den Elzen, AF Hof, AM Beltran, G Grassi, M Roelfsema, ...
environmental science & policy 14 (1), 28-39, 2011
Taking stock of national climate policies to evaluate implementation of the Paris Agreement
M Roelfsema, HL van Soest, M Harmsen, DP van Vuuren, C Bertram, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-12, 2020
Global and regional abatement costs of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and of enhanced action to levels well below 2 C and 1.5 C
AF Hof, MGJ den Elzen, A Admiraal, M Roelfsema, DEHJ Gernaat, ...
Environmental Science & Policy 71, 30-40, 2017
Contribution of the G20 economies to the global impact of the Paris agreement climate proposals
M Den Elzen, A Admiraal, M Roelfsema, H van Soest, AF Hof, N Forsell
Climatic Change 137 (3), 655-665, 2016
The emissions gap between the Copenhagen pledges and the 2 C climate goal: options for closing and risks that could widen the gap
MGJ den Elzen, AF Hof, M Roelfsema
Global Environmental Change 21 (2), 733-743, 2011
A research roadmap for quantifying non-state and subnational climate mitigation action
A Hsu, N Höhne, T Kuramochi, M Roelfsema, A Weinfurter, Y Xie, ...
Nature Climate Change 9 (1), 11-17, 2019
Are the G20 economies making enough progress to meet their NDC targets?
M Den Elzen, T Kuramochi, N Höhne, J Cantzler, K Esmeijer, H Fekete, ...
Energy policy 126, 238-250, 2019
Are major economies on track to achieve their pledges for 2020? An assessment of domestic climate and energy policies
M Roelfsema, M den Elzen, N Höhne, AF Hof, N Braun, H Fekete, ...
Energy Policy 67, 781-796, 2014
Evaluation of the Copenhagen Accord. Chances and risks for the 2C climate goal
MGJ Den Elzen, AF Hof, MA Mendoza Beltran, M Roelfsema, ...
Integrated assessment of international climate mitigation commitments outside the UNFCCC
M Roelfsema, M Harmsen, JJG Olivier, AF Hof, DP van Vuuren
Global Environmental Change 48, 67-75, 2018
Analysing the greenhouse gas emission reductions of the mitigation action plans by non-Annex I countries by 2020
MGJ Den Elzen, AF Hof, M Roelfsema
Energy Policy 56, 633-643, 2013
Beyond national climate action: the impact of region, city, and business commitments on global greenhouse gas emissions
T Kuramochi, M Roelfsema, A Hsu, S Lui, A Weinfurter, S Chan, T Hale, ...
Climate Policy 20 (3), 275-291, 2020
Bridging the Emissions Gap: The Role of Non-state and Subnational actors-Pre-release version of a chapter of the forthcoming UN Environment Emissions Gap Report 2018
A Hsu, O Widerberg, A Weinfurter, S Chan, M Roelfsema, ...
The Emissions Gap Report 2018. A UN Environment Synthesis Report, 2018
Assessing Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Climate Agreement-what are the Projected Global and National Emission Levels for 2025-2030?
A Admiraal, M den Elzen, N Forsell, O Turkovska, M Roelfsema, ...
PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, 2015
Reducing global GHG emissions by replicating successful sector examples: the ‘good practice policies’ scenario
M Roelfsema, H Fekete, N Höhne, M den Elzen, N Forsell, T Kuramochi, ...
Climate Policy 18 (9), 1103-1113, 2018
The effect of updated pledges and business-as-usual projections, and new agreed rules on expected global greenhouse gas emissions in 2020
AF Hof, MGJ den Elzen, M Roelfsema
Environmental science & policy 33, 308-319, 2013
Early action on Paris Agreement allows for more time to change energy systems
HL van Soest, HS de Boer, M Roelfsema, MG Den Elzen, A Admiraal, ...
Climatic Change 144 (2), 165-179, 2017
Sub-and non-state climate action: A framework to assess progress, implementation and impact
TN Hale, S Chan, A Hsu, A Clapper, C Elliott, P Faria, T Kuramochi, ...
Climate Policy 21 (3), 406-420, 2021
A review of successful climate change mitigation policies in major emitting economies and the potential of global replication
H Fekete, T Kuramochi, M Roelfsema, M den Elzen, N Forsell, N Höhne, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 137, 110602, 2021
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