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The morphology and crystallography of lath martensite in Fe-C alloys
S Morito, H Tanaka, R Konishi, T Furuhara, T Maki
Acta materialia 51 (6), 1789-1799, 2003
The morphology and crystallography of lath martensite in alloy steels
S Morito, X Huang, T Furuhara, T Maki, N Hansen
Acta Materialia 54 (19), 5323-5331, 2006
Effect of austenite grain size on the morphology and crystallography of lath martensite in low carbon steels
S Morito, H Saito, T Ogawa, T Furuhara, T Maki
ISIJ international 45 (1), 91-94, 2005
Stress–strain behavior of ferrite and bainite with nano-precipitation in low carbon steels
N Kamikawa, K Sato, G Miyamoto, M Murayama, N Sekido, K Tsuzaki, ...
Acta Materialia 83, 383-396, 2015
Effects of transformation temperature on variant pairing of bainitic ferrite in low carbon steel
N Takayama, G Miyamoto, T Furuhara
Acta Materialia 60 (5), 2387-2396, 2012
Variant selection in heterogeneous nucleation on defects in diffusional phase transformation and precipitation
T Furuhara, T Maki
Materials Science and Engineering: A 312 (1-2), 145-154, 2001
Effect of partitioning of Mn and Si on the growth kinetics of cementite in tempered Fe–0.6 mass% C martensite
G Miyamoto, JC Oh, K Hono, T Furuhara, T Maki
Acta materialia 55 (15), 5027-5038, 2007
Mapping the parent austenite orientation reconstructed from the orientation of martensite by EBSD and its application to ausformed martensite
G Miyamoto, N Iwata, N Takayama, T Furuhara
Acta Materialia 58 (19), 6393-6403, 2010
Accurate measurement of the orientation relationship of lath martensite and bainite by electron backscatter diffraction analysis
G Miyamoto, N Takayama, T Furuhara
Scripta Materialia 60 (12), 1113-1116, 2009
Crystallography of grain boundary α precipitates in a β titanium alloy
T Furuhara, S Takagi, H Watanabe, T Maki
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 27, 1635-1646, 1996
Interphase boundary structures of intragranular proeutectoid α plates in a hypoeutectoid Ti Cr alloy
T Furuhara, JM Howe, HI Aaronson
Acta metallurgica et materialia 39 (11), 2873-2886, 1991
Crystallography of upper bainite in Fe–Ni–C alloys
T Furuhara, H Kawata, S Morito, T Maki
Materials Science and Engineering: A 431 (1-2), 228-236, 2006
Microstructural evolution of ultrahigh carbon steel during friction stir welding
YS Sato, H Yamanoi, H Kokawa, T Furuhara
Scripta materialia 57 (6), 557-560, 2007
Precise measurement of strain accommodation in austenite matrix surrounding martensite in ferrous alloys by electron backscatter diffraction analysis
G Miyamoto, A Shibata, T Maki, T Furuhara
Acta Materialia 57 (4), 1120-1131, 2009
Microstructure control by thermomechanical processing in β-Ti–15–3 alloy
T Furuhara, T Maki, T Makino
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 117 (3), 318-323, 2001
Interaction of carbon partitioning, carbide precipitation and bainite formation during the Q&P process in a low C steel
F HajyAkbary, J Sietsma, G Miyamoto, T Furuhara, MJ Santofimia
Acta Materialia 104, 72-83, 2016
Effect of carbon content on variant pairing of martensite in Fe–C alloys
A Stormvinter, G Miyamoto, T Furuhara, P Hedström, A Borgenstam
Acta materialia 60 (20), 7265-7274, 2012
Dynamic recovery and recrystallization in titanium alloys by hot deformation
T Furuhara, B Poorganji, H Abe, T Maki
Jom 59, 64-67, 2007
Phase transformation from fine-grained austenite
T Furuhara, K Kikumoto, H Saito, T Sekine, T Ogawa, S Morito, T Maki
ISIJ international 48 (8), 1038-1045, 2008
Control of cementite precipitation in lath martensite by rapid heating and tempering
T Furuhara, K Kobayashi, T Maki
ISIJ international 44 (11), 1937-1944, 2004
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