Elizabeth Cripps
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Climate change and the moral agent: Individual duties in an interdependent world
E Cripps
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Saving the polar bear, saving the world: Can the capabilities approach do justice to humans, animals and ecosystems?
E Cripps
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E Cripps
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E Cripps
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E Cripps
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E Cripps
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Population and environment: The impossible, the impermissible, and the imperative
E Cripps
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Ethical choices behind quantifications of fair contributions under the Paris Agreement
K Dooley, C Holz, S Kartha, S Klinsky, JT Roberts, H Shue, H Winkler, ...
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III—Justice, Integrity and Moral Community: Do Parents Owe It to Their Children to Bring Them Up as Good Global Climate Citizens?
E Cripps
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Response to Robiou du Pont et al on climate equity
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Population and environment
E Cripps
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E Cripps
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‘Breakthrough’symposium: Henry Shue, climate justice pioneer
E Cripps
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Animal Ethics in Context
E Cripps
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Population Ethics for an Imperfect World: Basic Justice, Reasonable Disagreement, and Unavoidable Value Judgements
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Intergenerational ethics and individual duties: A cooperative promotional approach
E Cripps
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Individual climate justice duties: The cooperative promotional model & its challenges 1
E Cripps
Climate Justice and Non-State Actors, 101-117, 2020
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