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Anisotropic swelling and fracture of silicon nanowires during lithiation
XH Liu, H Zheng, L Zhong, S Huang, K Karki, LQ Zhang, Y Liu, A Kushima, ...
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XH Liu, JW Wang, S Huang, F Fan, X Huang, Y Liu, S Krylyuk, J Yoo, ...
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JW Wang, Y He, F Fan, XH Liu, S Xia, Y Liu, CT Harris, H Li, JY Huang, ...
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XH Liu, LQ Zhang, L Zhong, Y Liu, H Zheng, JW Wang, JH Cho, ...
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XH Liu (1), Y Liu (1), A Kushima (1), S Zhang, T Zhu, J Li, JY Huang
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Quantitative analysis of current–voltage characteristics of semiconducting nanowires: decoupling of contact effects
Z Zhang, K Yao, Y Liu, C Jin, X Liang, Q Chen, LM Peng
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In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Observation of Pulverization of Aluminum Nanowires and Evolution of the Thin Surface Al2O3 Layers during Lithiation …
Y Liu, NS Hudak, DL Huber, SJ Limmer, JP Sullivan, JY Huang
Nano letters 11 (10), 4188-4194, 2011
In situ transmission electron microscopy study of electrochemical sodiation and potassiation of carbon nanofibers
Y Liu, F Fan, J Wang, Y Liu, H Chen, KL Jungjohann, Y Xu, Y Zhu, D Bigio, ...
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In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Observations of Electrochemical Oxidation of Li2O2
L Zhong, RR Mitchell, Y Liu, BM Gallant, CV Thompson, JY Huang, ...
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Controlling surface oxides in Si/C nanocomposite anodes for high-performance Li-ion batteries
G Zheng, Y Xiang, L Xu, H Luo, B Wang, Y Liu, X Han, W Zhao, S Chen, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8, 1801718, 2018
Tough germanium nanoparticles under electrochemical cycling
W Liang, H Yang, F Fan, Y Liu, XH Liu, JY Huang, T Zhu, S Zhang
Acs Nano 7 (4), 3427-3433, 2013
Atomic-Layer-Deposition Oxide Nanoglue for Sodium Ion Batteries
X Han (1), Y Liu (1), Z Jia (1), YC Chen, J Wan, N Weadock, KJ Gaskell, ...
Nano letters 14 (1), 139-147, 2013
Shape-transformable liquid metal nanoparticles in aqueous solution
Y Lin, Y Liu, J Genzer, MD Dickey
Chemical science 8 (5), 3832-3837, 2017
Enhanced endosomal escape by light-fueled liquid-metal transformer
Y Lu, Y Lin, Z Chen, Q Hu, Y Liu, S Yu, W Gao, MD Dickey, Z Gu
Nano letters 17 (4), 2138-2145, 2017
Controlling the lithiation-induced strain and charging rate in nanowire electrodes by coating
LQ Zhang, XH Liu, Y Liu, S Huang, T Zhu, L Gui, SX Mao, ZZ Ye, ...
Acs Nano 5 (6), 4800-4809, 2011
Electrolyte stability determines scaling limits for solid-state 3D Li ion batteries
D Ruzmetov, VP Oleshko, PM Haney, HJ Lezec, K Karki, KH Baloch, ...
Nano letters 12 (1), 505-511, 2012
In Situ Atomic‐Scale Imaging of Phase Boundary Migration in FePO4 Microparticles During Electrochemical Lithiation
Y Zhu (1), JW Wang (1), Y Liu (1), X Liu, A Kushima, Y Liu, Y Xu, SX Mao, ...
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High damage tolerance of electrochemically lithiated silicon
X Wang, F Fan, J Wang, H Wang, S Tao, A Yang, Y Liu, H Beng Chew, ...
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Lithiation-induced embrittlement of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Y Liu, H Zheng, XH Liu, S Huang, T Zhu, J Wang, A Kushima, NS Hudak, ...
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Optical and Electrical Performance of SnO2 Capped ZnO Nanowire Arrays
L Shi, Y Xu, S Hark, Y Liu, S Wang, L Peng, K Wong, Q Li
Nano letters 7 (12), 3559-3563, 2007
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