Mark Visser
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Support for radical left ideologies in Europe
M Visser, M Lubbers, G Kraaykamp, E Jaspers
European Journal of Political Research 53 (3), 541-558, 2014
Fear of Crime and Feelings of Unsafety in European Countries: Macro and Micro Explanations in Cross-National Perspective
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M Visser, M Gesthuizen, G Kraaykamp, MHJ Wolbers
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G Passaretta, P Barbieri, MHJ Wolbers, M Visser
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M Visser, M Gesthuizen, G Kraaykamp, MHJ Wolbers
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The Impact of Macro-Economic Circumstances and Social Protection Expenditure on Economic Deprivation in 25 European Countries, 2007-2011
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The crowding in hypothesis revisited: New insights into the impact of social protection expenditure on informal social capital
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Educational assortative mating and couples’ linked late-life employment trajectories
M Visser, AE Fasang
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M Visser, J Lössbroek, T van der Lippe
Work, Aging and Retirement 7 (4), 303-321, 2021
Inequality between older workers and older couples in the Netherlands. A dynamic life course perspective on educational and social class differences in the late career
M Visser
ICS-dissertation, Nijmegen, 2017
The Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Collecting Informal Caregiving Data within the LISS Panel in March 2020
K Raiber, E Verbakel, M Visser
Nijmegen: Radboud University, Radboud Social Cultural Research, 2021
Work Values and Political Participation: A Cross-National Analysis
M Visser, M Gesthuizen, G Kraaykamp
The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 682 (1 …, 2019
Financiële spanning en informeel sociaal isolement. De rol van macro-economische omstandigheden en sociale zekerheidsuitgaven in 32 Europese landen in het decennium na de …
M Visser, M Gesthuizen, P Scheepers
Mens & Maatschappij 88 (2), 128-149, 2013
Helping helpers? The role of monetary transfers in combining unpaid care and paid work
K Raiber, E Verbakel, M Visser
International Journal of Care and Caring, 1-17, 2022
The Wage Penalty for Informal Caregivers from a Life Course Perspective
K Raiber, M Visser, E Verbakel
Advances in Life Course Research, 100490, 2022
Ervaringen met en opvattingen over langer doorwerken
M Visser
Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken 35 (4), 382-394, 2019
Toenemende complexiteit van late beroepsloopbanen?
M Visser
Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken 34 (4), 511-525, 2018
Een levensloop- en stratificatieperspectief op vervroegde uittreding
M Visser, M Gesthuizen, G Kraaykamp, MHJ Wolbers
Dynamiek op de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt. De focus op ongelijkheid, 181-196, 2017
Sekseverschillen op de arbeidsmarkt ook onder gepromoveerden
B Maas, M Visser
Sociaaleconomische trends 3, 1-17, 2016
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