Roger Reed
Roger Reed
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The superalloys: fundamentals and applications
RC Reed
Cambridge University Press, 2006
The precipitation of topologically close-packed phases in rhenium-containing superalloys
CMF Rae, RC Reed
Acta materialia 49 (19), 4113-4125, 2001
Heat treatment of UDIMET 720Li: the effect of microstructure on properties
MP Jackson, RC Reed
Materials Science and Engineering: A 259 (1), 85-97, 1999
Alloys-by-design: application to nickel-based single crystal superalloys
RC Reed, T Tao, N Warnken
Acta Materialia 57 (19), 5898-5913, 2009
Creep of CMSX-4 superalloy single crystals: effects of rafting at high temperature
RC Reed, N Matan, DC Cox, MA Rist, CMF Rae
Acta Materialia 47 (12), 3367-3381, 1999
Interdiffusion in the face-centred cubic phase of the Ni–Re, Ni–Ta and Ni–W systems between 900 and 1300 C
MSA Karunaratne, P Carter, RC Reed
Materials Science and Engineering: A 281 (1-2), 229-233, 2000
Primary creep in single crystal superalloys: Origins, mechanisms and effects
CMF Rae, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 55 (3), 1067-1081, 2007
On the kinetics of rafting in CMSX-4 superalloy single crystals
N Matan, DC Cox, CMF Rae, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 47 (7), 2031-2045, 1999
Interdiffusion of the platinum-group metals in nickel at elevated temperatures
MSA Karunaratne, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 51 (10), 2905-2919, 2003
Solute diffusion in metals: larger atoms can move faster
A Janotti, M Krčmar, CL Fu, RC Reed
Physical Review Letters 92 (8), 085901, 2004
Laser powder bed fabrication of nickel-base superalloys: influence of parameters; characterisation, quantification and mitigation of cracking
LN Carter, MM Attallah, RC Reed
Superalloys 2012 (6), 2826-2834, 2012
Oxidation of nickel-based single-crystal superalloys for industrial gas turbine applications
A Sato, YL Chiu, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 59 (1), 225-240, 2011
Creep of CMSX-4 superalloy single crystals: effects of misorientation and temperature
N Matan, DC Cox, P Carter, MA Rist, CMF Rae, RC Reed
Acta materialia 47 (5), 1549-1563, 1999
Deformation and damage mechanisms during thermal–mechanical fatigue of a single-crystal superalloy
JJ Moverare, S Johansson, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 57 (7), 2266-2276, 2009
A model for the creep deformation behaviour of nickel-based single crystal superalloys
Z Zhu, H Basoalto, N Warnken, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 60 (12), 4888-4900, 2012
Superplasticity in Ti–6Al–4V: Characterisation, modelling and applications
E Alabort, D Putman, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 95, 428-442, 2015
Identification of the partitioning characteristics of ruthenium in single crystal superalloys using atom probe tomography
RC Reed, AC Yeh, S Tin, SS Babu, MK Miller
Scripta Materialia 51 (4), 327-331, 2004
Linear friction welding of Ti–6Al–4V: modelling and validation
R Turner, JC Gebelin, RM Ward, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 59 (10), 3792-3803, 2011
Damage accumulation during creep deformation of a single crystal superalloy at 1150 C
RC Reed, DC Cox, CMF Rae
Materials Science and Engineering: A 448 (1-2), 88-96, 2007
Process modelling of grain selection during the solidification of single crystal superalloy castings
P Carter, DC Cox, CA Gandin, RC Reed
Materials Science and Engineering: A 280 (2), 233-246, 2000
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