Dr. Shiplu Sarker
Dr. Shiplu Sarker
Associate Professor, Dept. of Manufacturing & Civil Engineering, Norwegian University of Science
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Sitert av
Sitert av
A review of the role of critical parameters in the design and operation of biogas production plants
S Sarker, JJ Lamb, DR Hjelme, KM Lien
Applied Sciences 9 (9), 1915, 2019
Overview of recent progress towards in-situ biogas upgradation techniques
S Sarker, JJ Lamb, DR Hjelme, KM Lien
Fuel 226, 686-697, 2018
Feasibility analysis of a renewable hybrid energy system with producer gas generator fulfilling remote household electricity demand in Southern Norway
S Sarker
Renewable Energy 87, 772-781, 2016
Yield improvements in anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic feedstocks
B Hashemi, S Sarker, JJ Lamb, KM Lien
Journal of cleaner production 288, 125447, 2021
Cryogenic vs. absorption biogas upgrading in liquefied biomethane production–An energy efficiency analysis
SE Hashemi, S Sarker, KM Lien, SK Schnell, B Austbø
Fuel 245, 294-304, 2019
Characterization and pilot scale fluidized bed gasification of herbaceous biomass: A case study on alfalfa pellets
S Sarker, F Bimbela, JL Sanchez, HK Nielsen
Energy Conversion and Management 91, 451-458, 2015
Semi-continuous feeding and gasification of alfalfa and wheat straw pellets in a lab-scale fluidized bed reactor
S Sarker, J Arauzo, HK Nielsen
Energy Conversion and Management 99, 50-61, 2015
Assessing the gasification potential of five woodchips species by employing a lab-scale fixed-bed downdraft reactor
S Sarker, HK Nielsen
Energy Conversion and Management 103, 801-813, 2015
Perspectives of optical colourimetric sensors for anaerobic digestion
JJ Lamb, O Bernard, S Sarker, KM Lien, DR Hjelme
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 111, 87-96, 2019
By-products of fish-oil refinery as potential substrates for biogas production in Norway: A preliminary study
S Sarker
Results in Engineering 6, 100137, 2020
Influence of variable feeding on mesophilic and thermophilic co-digestion of Laminaria digitata and cattle manure
S Sarker, HB Møller, A Bruhn
Energy conversion and management 87, 513-520, 2014
Fermentative Bioethanol Production Using Enzymatically Hydrolysed Saccharina latissima
JJ Lamb, S Sarker, DR Hjelme, KM Lien
Advances in Microbiology 8 (05), 378, 2018
Biogas and hydrogen
S Sarker, ASR Nordgård, JJ Lamb, KM Lien
Hydrogen, Biomass and Bioenergy, 73-87, 2020
Regulating feeding and increasing methane yield from co-digestion of C5 molasses and cattle manure
S Sarker, HB Møller
Energy Conversion and Management 84, 7-12, 2014
Boosting biogas yield of anaerobic digesters by utilizing concentrated molasses from 2nd generation bioethanol plant
S Sarker, HB Møller
International Journal of Energy and Environment (Print) 4, 2013
Bio-fuel from anaerobic co-digestion of the macro-algae Ulva lactuca and Laminaria digitata
S Sarker, A Bruhn, AJ Ward, HB Møller, P Rivz̆a, S Rivz̆a
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Biogas and biofuel production …, 2012
Optimization of reactor temperature for continuous anaerobic digestion of cow manure: Bangladesh perspective
R Nandi, CK Saha, S Sarker, MS Huda, MM Alam
Sustainability 12 (21), 8772, 2020
Thermochemical production of fuels
E Rytter, M Hillestad, B Austbø, JJ Lamb, S Sarker
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Integration of Waste to Bioenergy Conversion Systems: A Critical Review
R Ochieng, A Gebremedhin, S Sarker
Energies 15 (7), 2697, 2022
Perspectives of surface plasmon resonance sensors for optimized biogas methanation
JJ Lamb, O Bernard, S Sarker, KM Lien, DR Hjelme
Engineering in Life Sciences, 2019
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