Eugenio Cerutti
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The use and effectiveness of macroprudential policies: New evidence
E Cerutti, S Claessens, L Laeven
Journal of financial stability 28, 203-224, 2017
Inflation and activity–two explorations and their monetary policy implications
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Push factors and capital flows to emerging markets: why knowing your lender matters more than fundamentals
E Cerutti, S Claessens, D Puy
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Systemic risks in global banking: What available data can tell us and what more data are needed?
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Financial crises and the composition of cross-border lending
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D Anginer, E Cerutti, MSM Pería
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Drivers of cross-border banking exposures during the crisis
E Cerutti
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Ring fencing and consolidated banks’ stress tests
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Cross-border banking and the circumvention of macroprudential and capital control measures
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Portfolio inflows eclipsing banking inflows: alternative facts?
MEM Cerutti, MGH Hong
International Monetary Fund, 2018
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