Stephen G. Gaffney
Stephen G. Gaffney
Associate Research Scientist, Yale University
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Whole-exome sequencing and immune profiling of early-stage lung adenocarcinoma with fully annotated clinical follow-up
H Kadara, M Choi, J Zhang, ER Parra, J Rodriguez-Canales, SG Gaffney, ...
Annals of Oncology 28 (1), 75-82, 2017
Early and multiple origins of metastatic lineages within primary tumors
ZM Zhao, B Zhao, Y Bai, A Iamarino, SG Gaffney, J Schlessinger, ...
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Mutation profiles in early-stage lung squamous cell carcinoma with clinical follow-up and correlation with markers of immune function
M Choi, H Kadara, J Zhang, ER Parra, J Rodriguez-Canales, SG Gaffney, ...
Annals of Oncology 28 (1), 83-89, 2017
APOBEC-induced mutations and their cancer effect size in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
VL Cannataro, SG Gaffney, T Sasaki, N Issaeva, NKS Grewal, JR Grandis, ...
Oncogene 38 (18), 3475-3487, 2019
Effect sizes of somatic mutations in cancer
VL Cannataro, SG Gaffney, JP Townsend
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Combined aurora kinase A (AURKA) and WEE1 inhibition demonstrates synergistic antitumor effect in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
JW Lee, J Parameswaran, T Sandoval-Schaefer, KJ Eoh, D Yang, F Zhu, ...
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Molecular biology and evolution of cancer: from discovery to action
JA Somarelli, H Gardner, VL Cannataro, EF Gunady, AM Boddy, ...
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Harnessing case isolation and ring vaccination to control Ebola
C Wells, D Yamin, ML Ndeffo-Mbah, N Wenzel, SG Gaffney, JP Townsend, ...
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CDKN2A copy number loss is an independent prognostic factor in HPV-negative head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
WS Chen, RS Bindra, A Mo, T Hayman, Z Husain, JN Contessa, ...
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Heterogeneity and mutation in KRAS and associated oncogenes: evaluating the potential for the evolution of resistance to targeting of KRAS G12C
VL Cannataro, SG Gaffney, C Stender, ZM Zhao, M Philips, AE Greenstein, ...
Oncogene 37 (18), 2444-2455, 2018
Transfer RNA methyltransferase gene NSUN2 mRNA expression modifies the effect of T cell activation score on patient survival in head and neck squamous carcinoma
L Lu, SG Gaffney, VL Cannataro, J Townsend
Oral oncology 101, 104554, 2020
Environmental and sex-specific molecular signatures of glioma causation
EB Claus, VL Cannataro, SG Gaffney, JP Townsend
Neuro-oncology 24 (1), 29-36, 2022
Characterizing risk of Ebola transmission based on frequency and type of case–contact exposures
LA Skrip, MP Fallah, SG Gaffney, R Yaari, D Yamin, A Huppert, L Bawo, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 372 …, 2017
Number of HIV-1 founder variants is determined by the recency of the source partner infection
CJ Villabona-Arenas, M Hall, KA Lythgoe, SG Gaffney, RR Regoes, ...
Science 369 (6499), 103-108, 2020
The landscape of novel and complementary targets for immunotherapy: an analysis of gene expression in the tumor microenvironment
SG Gaffney, EB Perry, PM Chen, A Greenstein, SM Kaech, JP Townsend
Oncotarget 10 (44), 4532, 2019
PathScore: a web tool for identifying altered pathways in cancer data
SG Gaffney, JP Townsend
Bioinformatics 32 (23), 3688-3690, 2016
Premetastatic shifts of endogenous and exogenous mutational processes support consolidative therapy in EGFR-driven lung adenocarcinoma
JN Fisk, AR Mahal, A Dornburg, SG Gaffney, S Aneja, JN Contessa, ...
Cancer letters 526, 346-351, 2022
Clone phylogenetics reveals metastatic tumor migrations, maps, and models
A Chroni, S Miura, L Hamilton, T Vu, SG Gaffney, V Aly, S Karim, ...
Cancers 14 (17), 4326, 2022
GEM-NET: lessons in multi-institution teamwork using collaboration software
SG Gaffney, O Ad, S Smaga, A Schepartz, JP Townsend
ACS central science 5 (7), 1159-1169, 2019
CDKN2A copy number loss in HPV-and HPV+ head and neck cancer to indicate poor prognosis: An integrated genomic and clinical TCGA analysis.
WS Chen, R Bindra, A Mo, T Hayman, Z Husain, JN Contessa, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 35 (15_suppl), 6060-6060, 2017
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