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Andrew E. Whitten
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Mesoporous Metallic Iridium Nanosheets
B Jiang, Y Guo, J Kim, AE Whitten, K Wood, K Kani, AE Rowan, J Henzie, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (39), 12434-12441, 2018
2017 publication guidelines for structural modelling of small-angle scattering data from biomolecules in solution: an update
J Trewhella, AP Duff, D Durand, F Gabel, JM Guss, WA Hendrickson, ...
Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology 73 (9), 710-728, 2017
MULCh: modules for the analysis of small-angle neutron contrast variation data from biomolecular assemblies
AE Whitten, S Cai, J Trewhella
Journal of Applied Crystallography 41 (1), 222-226, 2008
Pore-tuning to boost the electrocatalytic activity of polymeric micelle-templated mesoporous Pd nanoparticles
C Li, M Iqbal, B Jiang, Z Wang, J Kim, AK Nanjundan, AE Whitten, K Wood, ...
Chemical Science 10, 4054-4061, 2019
Preparing monodisperse macromolecular samples for successful biological small-angle X-ray and neutron-scattering experiments
CM Jeffries, MA Graewert, CE Blanchet, DB Langley, AE Whitten, ...
Nature protocols 11 (11), 2122-2153, 2016
The antigen 43 structure reveals a molecular Velcro-like mechanism of autotransporter-mediated bacterial clumping
B Heras, M Totsika, KM Peters, JJ Paxman, CL Gee, RJ Jarrott, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (1), 457-462, 2014
Cardiac myosin-binding protein C decorates F-actin: implications for cardiac function
AE Whitten, CM Jeffries, SP Harris, J Trewhella
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (47), 18360-18365, 2008
Soft and hard interactions between polystyrene nanoplastics and human serum albumin protein corona
S Kihara, NJ van der Heijden, CK Seal, J Mata, AE Whitten, I Köper, ...
Bioconjugate Chemistry 30 (4), 1067-1076, 2019
Evolution of quaternary structure in a homotetrameric enzyme
MDW Griffin, RCJ Dobson, FG Pearce, L Antonio, AE Whitten, CK Liew, ...
Journal of Molecular Biology 380 (4), 691-703, 2008
Performance and characteristics of the BILBY time-of-flight small-angle neutron scattering instrument
A Sokolova, AE Whitten, L de Campo, J Christoforidis, A Eltobaji, J Barnes, ...
Journal of Applied Crystallography 52 (1), 1-12, 2019
Synaptic arrangement of the neuroligin/β-neurexin complex revealed by X-ray and neutron scattering
D Comoletti, A Grishaev, AE Whitten, I Tsigelny, P Taylor, J Trewhella
Structure 15 (6), 693-705, 2007
The structure of the KinA-Sda complex suggests an allosteric mechanism of histidine kinase inhibition
AE Whitten, DA Jacques, B Hammouda, T Hanley, GF King, JM Guss, ...
Journal of molecular biology 368 (2), 407-420, 2007
Anisotropic displacement parameters for H atoms using an ONIOM approach
AE Whitten, MA Spackman
Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science 62 (5), 875-888, 2006
Ligand-induced conformational changes and conformational dynamics in the solution structure of the lactose repressor protein
M Taraban, H Zhan, AE Whitten, DB Langley, KS Matthews, L Swint-Kruse, ...
Journal of molecular biology 376 (2), 466-481, 2008
Reassessment of large dipole moment enhancements in crystals: a detailed experimental and theoretical charge density analysis of 2-methyl-4-nitroaniline
AE Whitten, P Turner, WT Klooster, RO Piltz, MA Spackman
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (28), 8763-8776, 2006
Small-angle X-ray scattering reveals the N-terminal domain organization of cardiac myosin binding protein C
CM Jeffries, AE Whitten, SP Harris, J Trewhella
Journal of molecular biology 377 (4), 1186-1199, 2008
BILBY: time-of-flight small angle scattering instrument
A Sokolova, J Christoforidis, A Eltobaji, J Barnes, F Darmann, AE Whitten, ...
Neutron News 27 (2), 9-13, 2016
Low-resolution solution structures of Munc18: Syntaxin protein complexes indicate an open binding mode driven by the Syntaxin N-peptide
MP Christie, AE Whitten, GJ King, SH Hu, RJ Jarrott, KE Chen, AP Duff, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (25), 9816-9821, 2012
Domain-swap polymerization drives the self-assembly of the bacterial flagellar motor
MAB Baker, RMG Hynson, LA Ganuelas, NS Mohammadi, CW Liew, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 23 (3), 197-203, 2016
Effective molecular polarizabilities and crystal refractive indices estimated from x-ray diffraction data
AE Whitten, D Jayatilaka, MA Spackman
The Journal of chemical physics 125 (17), 2006
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