Robert F Holub
Robert F Holub
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The effect of stress on radon emanation from rock
RF Holub, BT Brady
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 86 (B3), 1776-1784, 1981
Surfactant selection for optimizing surfactant-enhanced subsurface remediation
BJ Shiau, JD Rouse, DA Sabatini, JH Harwell
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Radon-222 and 222Rn progeny concentrations measured in an energy-efficient house equipped with a heat exchanger
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Continuous Working-level Measurements Using Alpha Or Beta Detectors
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Turbulent plateout of radon daughters
RF Holub
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RF Holub, RF Droullard, WL Ho, PK Hopke, R Parsley, JJ Stukel
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Study of Carbon‐Bearing Particles in Ascending Geogas Flows in the D ongshengmiao Polymetallic Pyrite Deposit, Inner M ongolia, C hina
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Radiation hazard test facilities at the Denver Research Center
RF Droullard
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Radon and Its Decay Products: Occurrence, Properties and Health Effects
R Holub, EO Knutson
Symposium Series 331, 340-356, 1987
A quantum hypothesis of brain function and consciousness
S Reinis, RF Holub, P Smrz
Ceskoslovenska fyziologie 54, 26-31, 2005
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