Martin Trefzer
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Evolving carbon nanotube reservoir computers
M Dale, JF Miller, S Stepney, MA Trefzer
International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural …, 2016
PAnDA: A reconfigurable architecture that adapts to physical substrate variations
JA Walker, MA Trefzer, SJ Bale, AM Tyrrell
IEEE Transactions on Computers 62 (8), 1584-1596, 2013
A substrate-independent framework to characterize reservoir computers
M Dale, JF Miller, S Stepney, MA Trefzer
Proceedings of the Royal Society A 475 (2226), 20180723, 2019
Evolvable Hardware
MA Trefzer, AM Tyrrell
From Practice to Application. Springer, 2015
Reservoir computing in materio: An evaluation of configuration through evolution
M Dale, S Stepney, JF Miller, M Trefzer
2016 IEEE symposium series on computational intelligence (SSCI), 1-8, 2016
High-density multilayer recording of microgratings for optical data storage
S Orlic, E Dietz, S Frohmann, C Mueller, R Schoen, M Trefzer, HJ Eichler
Organic Holographic Materials and Applications II 5521, 161-173, 2004
Investigating the dynamics of surface-immobilized DNA nanomachines
KE Dunn, MA Trefzer, S Johnson, AM Tyrrell
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Evolution of transistor circuits
MA Trefzer
Intrinsic evolution of digital-to-analog converters using a CMOS FPTA chip
J Langeheine, K Meier, J Schemmel, M Trefzer
Proceedings. 2004 NASA/DoD Conference on Evolvable Hardware, 2004., 18-25, 2004
Operational amplifiers: An example for multi-objective optimization on an analog evolvable hardware platform
M Trefzer, J Langeheine, K Meier, J Schemmel
International Conference on Evolvable Systems, 86-97, 2005
Evolution and analysis of a robot controller based on a gene regulatory network
MA Trefzer, T Kuyucu, JF Miller, AM Tyrrell
International Conference on Evolvable Systems, 61-72, 2010
On the advantages of variable length GRNs for the evolution of multicellular developmental systems
MA Trefzer, T Kuyucu, JF Miller, AM Tyrrell
IEEE transactions on evolutionary computation 17 (1), 100-121, 2012
A Programmable Analogue and Digital Array for Bio-inspired Electronic Design Optimization at Nano-scale Silicon Technology Nodes
MA Trefzer, JA Walker, AM Tyrrell
Reservoir computing in materio: a computational framework for in materio computing
M Dale, S Stepney, JF Miller, M Trefzer
2017 international joint conference on neural networks (IJCNN), 2178-2185, 2017
A model for intrinsic artificial development featuring structural feedback and emergent growth
MA Trefzer, T Kuyucu, JF Miller, AM Tyrrell
2009 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 301-308, 2009
Reservoir computing quality: connectivity and topology
M Dale, S O’Keefe, A Sebald, S Stepney, MA Trefzer
Natural Computing 20 (2), 205-216, 2021
XL-STaGe: A cross-layer scalable tool for graph generation, evaluation and implementation
P Campos, N Dahir, C Bonney, M Trefzer, A Tyrrell, G Tempesti
2016 International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures …, 2016
Iterative Cartesian genetic programming: creating general algorithms for solving travelling salesman problems
P Ryser-Welch, JF Miller, J Swan, MA Trefzer
European Conference on Genetic Programming, 294-310, 2016
Image compression of natural images using artificial gene regulatory networks
MA Trefzer, T Kuyucu, JF Miller, AM Tyrrell
Proceedings of the 12th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary …, 2010
Fitness functions for the unconstrained evolution of digital circuits
T Kuyucu, M Trefzer, A Greensted, J Miller, A Tyrrell
2008 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE World Congress on …, 2008
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