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Activation of proto-oncogenes by disruption of chromosome neighborhoods
D Hnisz, AS Weintraub, DS Day, AL Valton, RO Bak, CH Li, J Goldmann, ...
Science 351 (6280), 1454-1458, 2016
Control of cell identity genes occurs in insulated neighborhoods in mammalian chromosomes
JM Dowen, ZP Fan, D Hnisz, G Ren, BJ Abraham, LN Zhang, ...
Cell 159 (2), 374-387, 2014
Systematic identification of culture conditions for induction and maintenance of naive human pluripotency
TW Theunissen, BE Powell, H Wang, M Mitalipova, DA Faddah, J Reddy, ...
Cell stem cell 15 (4), 471-487, 2014
3D chromosome regulatory landscape of human pluripotent cells
X Ji, DB Dadon, BE Powell, ZP Fan, D Borges-Rivera, S Shachar, ...
Cell stem cell 18 (2), 262-275, 2016
Lineage regulators direct BMP and Wnt pathways to cell-specific programs during differentiation and regeneration
E Trompouki, TV Bowman, LN Lawton, ZP Fan, DC Wu, A DiBiase, ...
Cell 147 (3), 577-589, 2011
A zebrafish melanoma model reveals emergence of neural crest identity during melanoma initiation
CK Kaufman, C Mosimann, ZP Fan, S Yang, AJ Thomas, J Ablain, JL Tan, ...
Science 351 (6272), aad2197, 2016
Core transcriptional regulatory circuit controlled by the TAL1 complex in human T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
T Sanda, LN Lawton, MI Barrasa, ZP Fan, H Kohlhammer, A Gutierrez, ...
Cancer cell 22 (2), 209-221, 2012
Single-molecule mRNA detection and counting in mammalian tissue
A Lyubimova, S Itzkovitz, JP Junker, ZP Fan, X Wu, A Van Oudenaarden
Nature protocols 8 (9), 1743-1758, 2013
Genome-wide localization of small molecules
L Anders, MG Guenther, J Qi, ZP Fan, JJ Marineau, PB Rahl, J Loven, ...
Nature biotechnology 32 (1), 92-96, 2014
A systematic approach to identify candidate transcription factors that control cell identity
AC D’Alessio, ZP Fan, KJ Wert, P Baranov, MA Cohen, JS Saini, E Cohick, ...
Stem cell reports 5 (5), 763-775, 2015
Selective HDAC1/HDAC2 inhibitors induce neuroblastoma differentiation
SM Frumm, ZP Fan, KN Ross, JR Duvall, S Gupta, L VerPlank, BC Suh, ...
Chemistry & biology 20 (5), 713-725, 2013
Nanog-like regulates endoderm formation through the Mxtx2-Nodal pathway
C Xu, ZP Fan, P Müller, R Fogley, A DiBiase, E Trompouki, ...
Developmental cell 22 (3), 625-638, 2012
Catalytic and stereoselective iodination of prochiral C–H bonds
R Giri, X Chen, XS Hao, JJ Li, J Liang, ZP Fan, JQ Yu
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 16 (21), 3502-3505, 2005
The rate of protein synthesis in hematopoietic stem cells is limited partly by 4E-BPs
RAJ Signer, L Qi, Z Zhao, D Thompson, AA Sigova, ZP Fan, ...
Genes & development 30 (15), 1698-1703, 2016
Stress from nucleotide depletion activates the transcriptional regulator HEXIM1 to suppress melanoma
JL Tan, RD Fogley, RA Flynn, J Ablain, S Yang, V Saint-André, ZP Fan, ...
Molecular cell 62 (1), 34-46, 2016
Direct lineage conversion of adult mouse liver cells and B lymphocytes to neural stem cells
JP Cassady, AC D’Alessio, S Sarkar, VS Dani, ZP Fan, K Ganz, ...
Stem cell reports 3 (6), 948-956, 2014
A chemical biology screen identifies a vulnerability of neuroendocrine cancer cells to SQLE inhibition
CE Mahoney, D Pirman, V Chubukov, T Sleger, S Hayes, ZP Fan, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-14, 2019
Differential aspartate usage identifies a subset of cancer cells particularly dependent on OGDH
EL Allen, DB Ulanet, D Pirman, CE Mahoney, J Coco, Y Si, Y Chen, ...
Cell reports 17 (3), 876-890, 2016
Picometer-scale conformational heterogeneity separates functional from nonfunctional states of a photoreceptor protein
PD Coureux, ZP Fan, V Stojanoff, UK Genick
Structure 16 (6), 863-872, 2008
Selective Vulnerability to Pyrimidine Starvation in Hematologic Malignancies Revealed by AG-636, a Novel Clinical-Stage Inhibitor of Dihydroorotate DehydrogenaseHematologic …
G McDonald, V Chubukov, J Coco, K Truskowski, R Narayanaswamy, ...
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 19 (12), 2502-2515, 2020
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