Cristina Moya
Cristina Moya
University of California, Davis
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Moralizing gods, impartiality and religious parochialism across 15 societies
M Lang, BG Purzycki, CL Apicella, QD Atkinson, A Bolyanatz, E Cohen, ...
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A Bayesian approach to the evolution of social learning
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Acoustic regularities in infant-directed speech and song across cultures
CB Hilton, CJ Moser, M Bertolo, H Lee-Rubin, D Amir, CM Bainbridge, ...
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Different selection pressures give rise to distinct ethnic phenomena: A functionalist framework with illustrations from the Peruvian Altiplano
C Moya, R Boyd
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Culture–gene coevolutionary psychology: Cultural learning, language, and ethnic psychology
C Moya, J Henrich
Current Opinion in Psychology 8, 112-118, 2016
Reasoning about cultural and genetic transmission: Developmental and cross‐cultural evidence From Peru, Fiji, and the United States on how people make inferences about trait …
C Moya, R Boyd, J Henrich
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Irrelevant‐action imitation is short‐term and contextual: Evidence from two under‐studied populations
MA Kline, MM Gervais, C Moya, RT Boyd
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Dynamics of behavior change in the COVID world
C Moya, MA Kline, PE Smaldino
American Journal of Human Biology 32 (5), 2020
What do men want? Re-examining whether men benefit from higher fertility than is optimal for women
C Moya, K Snopkowski, R Sear
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 371 …, 2016
Evolved priors for ethnolinguistic categorization: a case study from the Quechua–Aymara boundary in the Peruvian Altiplano
C Moya
Evolution and Human Behavior 34 (4), 265-272, 2013
Intergenerational conflicts may help explain parental absence effects on reproductive timing: a model of age at first birth in humans
C Moya, R Sear
PeerJ, 2014
The moralization bias of gods’ minds: A cross-cultural test
BG Purzycki, AK Willard, EK Klocová, C Apicella, Q Atkinson, A Bolyanatz, ...
Religion, Brain & Behavior 12 (1-2), 38-60, 2022
Evolutionary demography of age at last birth: integrating approaches from human behavioural ecology and cultural evolution
S Mattison, C Moya, A Reynolds, MC Towner
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The evolution and development of inferential reasoning about ethnic markers: comparisons between urban United States and rural highland Peru
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A test of the intergenerational conflict model in Indonesia shows no evidence of earlier menopause in female-dispersing groups
K Snopkowski, C Moya, R Sear
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1788), 20140580, 2014
Pathways to cognitive design
AE Wertz, C Moya
Behavioural processes 161, 73-86, 2019
The effect of recent ethnogenesis and migration histories on perceptions of ethnic group stability
C Moya, B Scelza
Journal of Cognition and Culture 15 (1-2), 131-173, 2015
The religiosity gender gap in 14 diverse societies
T Vardy, C Moya, CD Placek, CL Apicella, A Bolyanatz, E Cohen, ...
Religion, Brain & Behavior 12 (1-2), 18-37, 2022
Opportunities for interaction: Natural observations of children’s social behavior in five societies
T Broesch, PL Carolan, S Cebioğlu, C von Rueden, A Boyette, C Moya, ...
Human Nature 32 (1), 208-238, 2021
Material insecurity predicts greater commitment to moralistic and less commitment to local deities: a cross-cultural investigation
A Baimel, C Apicella, Q Atkinson, A Bolyanatz, E Cohen, C Handley, ...
Religion, brain & behavior 12 (1-2), 4-17, 2022
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