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Final report for LCM2007-the new UK land cover map. Countryside survey technical report no 11/07
D Morton, C Rowland, C Wood, L Meek, C Marston, G Smith, ...
NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 2011
A random forest approach for predicting the presence of Echinococcus multilocularis intermediate host Ochotona spp. presence in relation to landscape characteristics in western …
CG Marston, FM Danson, RP Armitage, P Giraudoux, DRJ Pleydell, ...
Applied Geography 55, 176-183, 2014
The'mosaic habitat'concept in human evolution: past and present
SC Reynolds, HJ O'Regan, DM Wilkinson, CG Marston
Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 70 (1), 57-69, 2015
Scrubbing up: multi-scale investigation of woody encroachment in a Southern African Savannah
CG Marston, P Aplin, DM Wilkinson, R Field, HJ O’Regan
Remote Sensing 9 (5), 419, 2017
Land Cover Map 2007 (vector, GB) v1. 2
D Morton, C Rowland, C Wood, L Meek, C Marston, G Smith
Land cover map 2007 (Vector, GB)
RD Morton, C Rowland, C Wood, L Meek, C Marston, G Smith, ...
NERC-Environmental Information Data Centre. DOI 10, 2011
Land cover map 2007 (25m raster, GB) v1. 2
D Morton, C Rowland, C Wood, L Meek, C Marston, G Smith
Peat swamp forest conservation withstands pervasive land conversion to oil palm plantation in North Selangor, Malaysia
LJ Charters, P Aplin, CG Marston, R Padfield, N Rengasamy, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 40 (19), 7409-7438, 2019
Vegetation phenology and habitat discrimination: Impacts for E. multilocularis transmission host modelling
CG Marston, P Giraudoux, RP Armitage, FM Danson, SC Reynolds, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 176, 320-327, 2016
Water availability is a principal driver of large-scale land cover spatial heterogeneity in sub-Saharan savannahs
CG Marston, DM Wilkinson, SC Reynolds, J Louys, HJ O’Regan
Landscape Ecology 34 (1), 131-145, 2019
Hominin home ranges and habitat variability: exploring modern African analogues using remote sensing
HJ O'Regan, DM Wilkinson, CG Marston
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 9, 238-248, 2016
Spatio-temporal modelling of small mammal distributions using modis ndvi time-series data
CG Marstona, RP Armitagea, FM Dansona, P Giraudouxb, A Ramireza, ...
Authority Files for ISPRS, 2007
Environmental hydro-refugia demonstrated by vegetation vigour in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
SC Reynolds, CG Marston, H Hassani, GCP King, MR Bennett
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Spatial and temporal modelling for parasite transmission studies and risk assessment
FM Danson, RP Armitage, CG Marston
Parasite 15 (3), 463-468, 2008
Probabilistic mapping and spatial pattern analysis of grazing lawns in southern african savannahs using worldview-3 imagery and machine learning techniques
KT Awuah, P Aplin, CG Marston, I Powell, IPJ Smit
Remote Sensing 12 (20), 3357, 2020
On the synergistic use of optical and SAR time-series satellite data for small mammal disease host mapping
C Marston, P Giraudoux
Remote Sensing 11 (1), 39, 2019
Land Cover Map 2007 (25m raster, NI)
D Morton, C Rowland, C Wood, L Meek, C Marston, G Smith, ...
‘Remote’behavioural ecology: do megaherbivores consume vegetation in proportion to its presence in the landscape?
CG Marston, DM Wilkinson, M Sponheimer, D Codron, J Codron, ...
PeerJ 8, e8622, 2020
Time-series satellite imagery demonstrates the progressive failure of a city master plan to control urbanization in Abuja, Nigeria
IA Gumel, P Aplin, CG Marston, J Morley
Remote Sensing 12 (7), 1112, 2020
The use of time-series LIDAR to understand the role of foredune blowouts in coastal dune dynamics, Sefton, NW England.
N O'Keeffe, I Delgado-Fernandez, P Aplin, D Jackson, C Marston
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 17795, 2017
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