Rachel Oliver
Rachel Oliver
Professor of Materials Science, Cambridge University
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Sitert av
Advances in AFM for the electrical characterization of semiconductors
RA Oliver
Reports on Progress in Physics 71 (7), 076501, 2008
Carrier localization mechanisms in InGaN/GaN quantum wells
D Watson-Parris, MJ Godfrey, P Dawson, RA Oliver, MJ Galtrey, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 83 (11), 115321, 2011
Three-dimensional atom probe studies of an InxGa1− xN∕ GaN multiple quantum well structure: Assessment of possible indium clustering
MJ Galtrey, RA Oliver, MJ Kappers, CJ Humphreys, DJ Stokes, PH Clifton, ...
Applied physics letters 90 (6), 2007
Efficient light-emitting diodes from mixed-dimensional perovskites on a fluoride interface
B Zhao, Y Lian, L Cui, G Divitini, G Kusch, E Ruggeri, F Auras, W Li, ...
Nature electronics 3 (11), 704-710, 2020
InGaN quantum dots grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy employing a post-growth nitrogen anneal
RA Oliver, GAD Briggs, MJ Kappers, CJ Humphreys, S Yasin, JH Rice, ...
Applied Physics Letters 83 (4), 755-757, 2003
Atom probe tomography today
A Cerezo, PH Clifton, MJ Galtrey, CJ Humphreys, TF Kelly, DJ Larson, ...
Materials Today 10 (12), 36-42, 2007
Threading dislocation reduction in (0 0 01) GaN thin films using SiNx interlayers
MJ Kappers, R Datta, RA Oliver, FDG Rayment, ME Vickers, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 300 (1), 70-74, 2007
Highlighting threading dislocations in MOVPE-grown GaN using an in situ treatment with SiH4 and NH3
RA Oliver, MJ Kappers, J Sumner, R Datta, CJ Humphreys
Journal of Crystal Growth 289 (2), 506-514, 2006
The consequences of high injected carrier densities on carrier localization and efficiency droop in InGaN/GaN quantum well structures
S Hammersley, D Watson-Parris, P Dawson, MJ Godfrey, TJ Badcock, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (8), 2012
Growth modes in heteroepitaxy of InGaN on GaN
RA Oliver, MJ Kappers, CJ Humphreys, GAD Briggs
Journal of applied physics 97 (1), 2005
Three-dimensional atom probe analysis of green-and blue-emitting InxGa1− xN∕ GaN multiple quantum well structures
MJ Galtrey, RA Oliver, MJ Kappers, CJ Humphreys, PH Clifton, D Larson, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 104 (1), 2008
Microstructural origins of localization in InGaN quantum wells
RA Oliver, SE Bennett, T Zhu, DJ Beesley, MJ Kappers, DW Saxey, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 43 (35), 354003, 2010
Morphological, structural, and emission characterization of trench defects in InGaN/GaN quantum well structures
FCP Massabuau, SL Sahonta, L Trinh-Xuan, S Rhode, TJ Puchtler, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101 (21), 2012
Role of gross well-width fluctuations in bright, green-emitting single InGaN∕ GaN quantum well structures
NK van der Laak, RA Oliver, MJ Kappers, CJ Humphreys
Applied physics letters 90 (12), 2007
Low temperature growth of ultra-high mass density carbon nanotube forests on conductive supports
H Sugime, S Esconjauregui, J Yang, L D'Arsié, RA Oliver, S Bhardwaj, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (7), 2013
Unintentional doping in GaN
T Zhu, RA Oliver
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (27), 9558-9573, 2012
The nature of carrier localisation in polar and nonpolar InGaN/GaN quantum wells
P Dawson, S Schulz, RA Oliver, MJ Kappers, CJ Humphreys
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (18), 2016
Low threshold, room-temperature microdisk lasers in the blue spectral range
I Aharonovich, A Woolf, KJ Russell, T Zhu, N Niu, MJ Kappers, RA Oliver, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (2), 2013
Nanoscale solid-state quantum computing
A Ardavan, M Austwick, SC Benjamin, GAD Briggs, TJS Denni s, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A …, 2003
Quantum-confined Stark effect in a single InGaN quantum dot under a lateral electric field
JW Robinson, JH Rice, KH Lee, JH Na, RA Taylor, DG Hasko, RA Oliver, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (21), 2005
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