Eduard Ageev (Эдуард Агеев )
Eduard Ageev (Эдуард Агеев )
ITMO University (Университет ИТМО)
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Sitert av
Controlled oxide films formation by nanosecond laser pulses for color marking
V Veiko, G Odintsova, E Ageev, Y Karlagina, A Loginov, A Skuratova, ...
Optics express 22 (20), 24342-24347, 2014
Development of complete color palette based on spectrophotometric measurements of steel oxidation results for enhancement of color laser marking technology
V Veiko, G Odintsova, E Gorbunova, E Ageev, A Shimko, Y Karlagina, ...
Materials & Design 89, 684-688, 2016
Controlled nanostructures formation on stainless steel by short laser pulses for products protection against falsification
EI Ageev, VP Veiko, EA Vlasova, YY Karlagina, A Krivonosov, ...
Optics express 26 (2), 2117-2122, 2018
Luminescent erbium‐doped silicon thin films for advanced anti‐counterfeit labels
AO Larin, LN Dvoretckaia, AM Mozharov, IS Mukhin, AB Cherepakhin, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (16), 2005886, 2021
Plasmonic nanosponges filled with silicon for enhanced white light emission
AO Larin, A Nominé, EI Ageev, J Ghanbaja, LN Kolotova, SV Starikov, ...
Nanoscale 12 (2), 1013-1021, 2020
Composition analysis of oxide films formed on titanium surface under pulsed laser action by method of chemical thermodynamics
EI Ageev, YM Andreeva, YY Karlagina, YR Kolobov, SS Manokhin, ...
Laser Physics 27 (4), 046001, 2017
Laser coloration of titanium films: New development for jewelry and decoration
V Veiko, G Odintsova, E Vlasova, Y Andreeva, A Krivonosov, E Ageev, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 93, 9-13, 2017
Non-contact ultrasonic acquisition of femtosecond laser-driven ablative Mbar-level shock waves on Ti alloy surface
EI Ageev, SI Kudryashov, NV Nikonorov, RK Nuryev, AA Petrov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (8), 2016
Single-shot femtosecond laser processing of Al-alloy surface: An interplay between Mbar shock waves, enhanced microhardness, residual stresses, and chemical modification
EI Ageev, YM Andreeva, AA Ionin, NS Kashaev, SI Kudryashov, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 126, 106131, 2020
3D chiral metacrystals
M Esposito, M Manoccio, A Leo, M Cuscunà, Y Sun, E Ageev, D Zuev, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 32 (12), 2109258, 2022
Metal-dielectric nanoantenna for radiation control of a single-photon emitter
Y Sun, V Yaroshenko, A Chebykin, E Ageev, S Makarov, D Zuev
Optical Materials Express 10 (1), 29-35, 2020
Reconfigurable Near‐field Enhancement with Hybrid Metal‐Dielectric Oligomers
Y Sun, I Sinev, A Zalogina, E Ageev, H Shamkhi, F Komissarenko, ...
Laser & Photonics Reviews 13 (2), 1800274, 2019
Correlated topographic and structural modification on Si surface during multi-shot femtosecond laser exposures: Si nanopolymorphs as potential local structural nanomarkers
AA Ionin, SI Kudryashov, AO Levchenko, LV Nguyen, IN Saraeva, ...
Applied Surface Science 416, 988-995, 2017
Double-pulse femtosecond laser peening of aluminum alloy AA5038: Effect of inter-pulse delay on transient optical plume emission and final surface micro-hardness
EI Ageev, VY Bychenkov, AA Ionin, SI Kudryashov, AA Petrov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (21), 2016
Coding of Non‐Linear White‐Light Luminescence from Gold‐Silicon Structures for Physically Unclonable Security Labels
E Ponkratova, E Ageev, P Trifonov, P Kustov, M Sandomirskii, M Zhukov, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 32 (41), 2205859, 2022
Mie-Resonant Silicon Nanoparticles for Physically Unclonable Anti-Counterfeiting Labels
P Kustov, E Petrova, M Nazarov, A Gilmullin, M Sandomirskii, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 5 (8), 10548-10559, 2022
Laser cleaning of engraved rolls coupled with spectroscopic control
V Veiko, A Samohvalov, E Ageev
Optics & Laser Technology 54, 170-175, 2013
Ultrafast broadband nonlinear spectroscopy of a colloidal solution of gold nanoparticles
SI Kudryashov, AA Samokhvalov, EI Ageev, VP Veiko
JETP Letters 109, 298-302, 2019
Femtosecond laser filaments in gold colloidal solutions: supercontinuum and ultrasonic tracing
SI Kudryashov, AA Samokhvalov, YE Geints, EI Ageev, VP Veiko
JOSA B 36 (2), A125-A130, 2019
Influence of light incident angle on reflectance spectra of metals processed by color laser marking technology
EI Ageev, YM Andreeva, PN Brunkov, YY Karlagina, GV Odintsova, ...
Optical and Quantum Electronics 49, 1-7, 2017
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