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Benjamin Hackel
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Isolating and engineering human antibodies using yeast surface display
G Chao, WL Lau, BJ Hackel, SL Sazinsky, SM Lippow, KD Wittrup
Nature protocols 1 (2), 755-768, 2006
Picomolar affinity fibronectin domains engineered utilizing loop length diversity, recursive mutagenesis, and loop shuffling
BJ Hackel, A Kapila, KD Wittrup
Journal of molecular biology 381 (5), 1238-1252, 2008
Evolution of an interloop disulfide bond in high-affinity antibody mimics based on fibronectin type III domain and selected by yeast surface display: molecular convergence with …
D Lipovšek, SM Lippow, BJ Hackel, MW Gregson, P Cheng, A Kapila, ...
Journal of molecular biology 368 (4), 1024-1041, 2007
Fmoc-based synthesis of peptide α-thioesters using an aryl hydrazine support
JA Camarero, BJ Hackel, JJ De Yoreo, AR Mitchell
The Journal of organic chemistry 69 (12), 4145-4151, 2004
Stability and CDR composition biases enrich binder functionality landscapes
BJ Hackel, ME Ackerman, SW Howland, KD Wittrup
Journal of molecular biology 401 (1), 84-96, 2010
Pharmacokinetically stabilized cystine knot peptides that bind alpha-v-beta-6 integrin with single-digit nanomolar affinities for detection of pancreatic cancer
RH Kimura, R Teed, BJ Hackel, MA Pysz, CZ Chuang, A Sathirachinda, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 18 (3), 839-849, 2012
Photoacoustic lifetime contrast between methylene blue monomers and self-quenched dimers as a model for dual-labeled activatable probes
E Morgounova, Q Shao, BJ Hackel, DD Thomas, S Ashkenazi
Journal of biomedical optics 18 (5), 056004-056004, 2013
Highly avid magnetic bead capture: an efficient selection method for de novo protein engineering utilizing yeast surface display
M Ackerman, D Levary, G Tobon, B Hackel, KD Orcutt, KD Wittrup
Biotechnology progress 25 (3), 774-783, 2009
Convergent potency of internalized gelonin immunotoxins across varied cell lines, antigens, and targeting moieties
CM Pirie, BJ Hackel, MG Rosenblum, KD Wittrup
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (6), 4165-4172, 2011
Production of Soluble and Active Transferrin Receptor-Targeting Single-Chain Antibody using Saccharomyces cerevisiae
BJ Hackel, D Huang, JC Bubolz, XX Wang, EV Shusta
Pharmaceutical research 23, 790-797, 2006
Alternative non-antibody protein scaffolds for molecular imaging of cancer
LA Stern, BA Case, BJ Hackel
Current opinion in chemical engineering 2 (4), 425-432, 2013
Use of 64Cu-labeled Fibronectin Domain with EGFR-Overexpressing Tumor Xenograft: Molecular Imaging
BJ Hackel, RH Kimura, SS Gambhir
Radiology 263 (1), 179-188, 2012
Multivalent ligand binding to cell membrane antigens: defining the interplay of affinity, valency, and expression density
CM Csizmar, JR Petersburg, TJ Perry, L Rozumalski, BJ Hackel, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (1), 251-261, 2018
A 45-amino-acid scaffold mined from the PDB for high-affinity ligand engineering
MA Kruziki, S Bhatnagar, DR Woldring, VT Duong, BJ Hackel
Chemistry & biology 22 (7), 946-956, 2015
A novel engineered anti-CD20 tracer enables early time PET imaging in a humanized transgenic mouse model of B-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma
A Natarajan, BJ Hackel, SS Gambhir
Clinical Cancer Research 19 (24), 6820-6829, 2013
18F-Fluorobenzoate–labeled cystine knot peptides for PET imaging of integrin αvβ6
BJ Hackel, RH Kimura, Z Miao, H Liu, A Sathirachinda, Z Cheng, FT Chin, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 54 (7), 1101-1105, 2013
Engineering fibronectin-based binding proteins by yeast surface display
TF Chen, S De Picciotto, BJ Hackel, KD Wittrup
Methods in enzymology 523, 303-326, 2013
Engineered proteins including mutant fibronectin domains
KD Wittrup, JB Spangler, BJ Hackel
US Patent App. 13/390,086, 2012
The full amino acid repertoire is superior to serine/tyrosine for selection of high affinity immunoglobulin G binders from the fibronectin scaffold
BJ Hackel, KD Wittrup
Protein Engineering, Design & Selection 23 (4), 211-219, 2010
High-throughput ligand discovery reveals a sitewise gradient of diversity in broadly evolved hydrophilic fibronectin domains
DR Woldring, PV Holec, H Zhou, BJ Hackel
PLoS One 10 (9), e0138956, 2015
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