Oliver Bell
Oliver Bell
Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, and Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, Keck School of
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Determinants and dynamics of genome accessibility
O Bell, VK Tiwari, NH Thomä, D Schübeler
Nature Reviews Genetics 12 (8), 554-564, 2011
Dynamics and memory of heterochromatin in living cells
NA Hathaway, O Bell, C Hodges, EL Miller, DS Neel, GR Crabtree
Cell 149 (7), 1447-1460, 2012
The histone chaperone CAF-1 safeguards somatic cell identity
S Cheloufi, U Elling, B Hopfgartner, YL Jung, J Murn, M Ninova, ...
Nature 528 (7581), 218-224, 2015
Altered body iron distribution and microcytosis in mice deficient in iron regulatory protein 2 (IRP2)
B Galy, D Ferring, B Minana, O Bell, HG Janser, M Muckenthaler, ...
Blood 106 (7), 2580-2589, 2005
Variant histone H3. 3 is deposited at sites of nucleosomal displacement throughout transcribed genes while active histone modifications show a promoter-proximal bias
C Wirbelauer, O Bell, D Schübeler
Genes & development 19 (15), 1761-1766, 2005
Chromatin state marks cell-type-and gender-specific replication of the Drosophila genome
M Schwaiger, MB Stadler, O Bell, H Kohler, EJ Oakeley, D Schübeler
Genes & development 23 (5), 589-601, 2009
Localized H3K36 methylation states define histone H4K16 acetylation during transcriptional elongation in Drosophila
O Bell, C Wirbelauer, M Hild, AND Scharf, M Schwaiger, DM MacAlpine, ...
The EMBO journal 26 (24), 4974-4984, 2007
Accessibility of the Drosophila genome discriminates PcG repression, H4K16 acetylation and replication timing
O Bell, M Schwaiger, EJ Oakeley, F Lienert, C Beisel, MB Stadler, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 17 (7), 894-900, 2010
Transcription-coupled methylation of histone H3 at lysine 36 regulates dosage compensation by enhancing recruitment of the MSL complex in Drosophila melanogaster
O Bell, T Conrad, J Kind, C Wirbelauer, A Akhtar, D Schübeler
Molecular and cellular biology, 2008
Nucleosome turnover regulates histone methylation patterns over the genome
EJ Chory, JP Calarco, NA Hathaway, O Bell, DS Neel, GR Crabtree
Molecular cell 73 (1), 61-72. e3, 2019
Canonical PRC1 controls sequence-independent propagation of Polycomb-mediated gene silencing
HF Moussa, D Bsteh, R Yelagandula, C Pribitzer, K Stecher, K Bartalska, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1931, 2019
A reversible haploid mouse embryonic stem cell biobank resource for functional genomics
U Elling, RA Wimmer, A Leibbrandt, T Burkard, G Michlits, A Leopoldi, ...
Nature 550 (7674), 114-118, 2017
Parallel PRC2/cPRC1 and vPRC1 pathways silence lineage-specific genes and maintain self-renewal in mouse embryonic stem cells
JA Zepeda-Martinez, C Pribitzer, J Wang, D Bsteh, S Golumbeanu, ...
Science advances 6 (14), eaax5692, 2020
Discovery and characterization of a cellular potent positive allosteric modulator of the polycomb repressive complex 1 chromodomain, CBX7
KN Lamb, D Bsteh, SN Dishman, HF Moussa, H Fan, JI Stuckey, JL Norris, ...
Cell chemical biology 26 (10), 1365-1379. e22, 2019
Phenotype delineation of ZNF462 related syndrome
P Kruszka, T Hu, S Hong, R Signer, B Cogné, B Isidor, SE Mazzola, ...
American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 179 (10), 2075-2082, 2019
O Bell, C Wirbelauer, M Hild
AND, Schwaiger, M., MacAlpine, DM, Zilbermann, F., van Leeuwen, F., Bell, SP …, 2007
Reprogramming CBX8-PRC1 function with a positive allosteric modulator
JL Suh, D Bsteh, B Hart, Y Si, TM Weaver, C Pribitzer, R Lau, S Soni, ...
Cell chemical biology 29 (4), 555-571. e11, 2022
Chromatin: sub out the replacement
O Bell, D Schübeler
Current Biology 19 (14), R545-R547, 2009
Pathway-based high-throughput chemical screen identifies compounds that decouple heterochromatin transformations
IA MacDonald, KV Butler, LE Herring, SE Clinkscales, R Yelagandula, ...
SLAS Discovery: Advancing Life Sciences R&D 24 (8), 802-816, 2019
Loss of Cohesin regulator PDS5A reveals repressive role of Polycomb loops
D Bsteh, HF Moussa, G Michlits, R Yelagandula, J Wang, U Elling, O Bell
bioRxiv, 2021.12. 15.472841, 2021
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