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hnRNP proteins and splicing control
R Martinez-Contreras, P Cloutier, L Shkreta, JF Fisette, T Revil, B Chabot
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Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein F/H proteins modulate the alternative splicing of the apoptotic mediator Bcl-x
D Garneau, T Revil, JF Fisette, B Chabot
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Hemizygous mutations in SNAP29 unmask autosomal recessive conditions and contribute to atypical findings in patients with 22q11. 2DS
DM McDonald-McGinn, S Fahiminiya, T Revil, BA Nowakowska, J Suhl, ...
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Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K represses the production of pro-apoptotic Bcl-xS splice isoform
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Alternative splicing is frequent during early embryonic development in mouse
T Revil, D Gaffney, C Dias, J Majewski, LA Jerome-Majewska
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Protein Kinase C-Dependent Control of Bcl-x Alternative Splicing
T Revil, J Toutant, L Shkreta, D Garneau, P Cloutier, B Chabot
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Antagonistic effects of the SRp30c protein and cryptic 5′ splice sites on the alternative splicing of the apoptotic regulator Bcl-x
P Cloutier, J Toutant, L Shkreta, S Goekjian, T Revil, B Chabot
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High-sensitivity sequencing reveals multi-organ somatic mosaicism causing DICER1 syndrome
L de Kock, YC Wang, T Revil, D Badescu, B Rivera, N Sabbaghian, M Wu, ...
Journal of medical genetics 53 (1), 43-52, 2016
A targetable EGFR-dependent tumor-initiating program in breast cancer
P Savage, A Blanchet-Cohen, T Revil, D Badescu, SMI Saleh, YC Wang, ...
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Disrupted auto-regulation of the spliceosomal gene SNRPB causes cerebro–costo–mandibular syndrome
DC Lynch, T Revil, J Schwartzentruber, EJ Bhoj, AM Innes, RE Lamont, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 4483, 2014
Cancer-associated perturbations in alternative pre-messenger RNA splicing
L Shkreta, B Bell, T Revil, JP Venables, P Prinos, SA Elela, B Chabot
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Analysis of head and neck carcinoma progression reveals novel and relevant stage-specific changes associated with immortalisation and malignancy
R Veeramachaneni, T Walker, T Revil, AD Weck, D Badescu, J O’Sullivan, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 11992, 2019
Deep sequencing reveals spatially distributed distinct hot spot mutations in DICER1-related multinodular goiter
L de Kock, I Bah, T Revil, P Bérubé, MK Wu, N Sabbaghian, JR Priest, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 101 (10), 3637-3645, 2016
During Embryogenesis, Esrp1 Expression Is Restricted to a Subset of Epithelial Cells and Is Associated With Splicing of a Number of Developmentally Important …
T Revil, LA Jerome‐Majewska
Developmental Dynamics 242 (3), 281-290, 2013
Sequencing of DICER1 in sarcomas identifies biallelic somatic DICER1 mutations in an adult-onset embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma
L De Kock, B Rivera, T Revil, P Thorner, C Goudie, BD Soglio, ...
British Journal of Cancer 116 (12), 1621-1626, 2017
Whole‐exome sequencing of non‐BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation carrier cases at high‐risk for hereditary breast/ovarian cancer
PS Felicio, RS Grasel, N Campacci, AE de Paula, HCR Galvão, ...
Human mutation 42 (3), 290-299, 2021
DGCR8 microprocessor defect characterizes familial multinodular goiter with schwannomatosis
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The Journal of clinical investigation 130 (3), 1479-1490, 2020
Pre-mRNA alternative splicing in cancer: functional impact, molecular mechanisms and therapeutic perspectives
T Revil, L Shkreta, B Chabot
Bulletin du Cancer 93 (9), 909-919, 2006
A functionally impaired missense variant identified in French Canadian families implicates FANCI as a candidate ovarian cancer-predisposing gene
CT Fierheller, L Guitton-Sert, WM Alenezi, T Revil, KK Oros, Y Gao, ...
Genome Medicine 13 (1), 1-26, 2021
The Genetic and Molecular Analyses of RAD51C and RAD51D Identifies Rare Variants Implicated in Hereditary Ovarian Cancer from a Genetically Unique …
WM Alenezi, L Milano, CT Fierheller, C Serruya, T Revil, KK Oros, S Behl, ...
Cancers 14 (9), 2251, 2022
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