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Eva Leu
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Timing of blooms, algal food quality and Calanus glacialis reproduction and growth in a changing Arctic
JE Søreide, EVA Leu, JØR Berge, M Graeve, S Falk‐Petersen
Global change biology 16 (11), 3154-3163, 2010
Consequences of changing sea-ice cover for primary and secondary producers in the European Arctic shelf seas: timing, quantity, and quality
E Leu, JE Søreide, DO Hessen, S Falk-Petersen, J Berge
Progress in Oceanography 90 (1-4), 18-32, 2011
Arctic spring awakening–Steering principles behind the phenology of vernal ice algal blooms
E Leu, CJ Mundy, P Assmy, K Campbell, TM Gabrielsen, M Gosselin, ...
Progress in Oceanography 139, 151-170, 2015
Polyphenolic allelochemicals from the aquatic angiosperm Myriophyllum spicatuminhibit photosystem II
E Leu, A Krieger-Liszkay, C Goussias, EM Gross
Plant physiology 130 (4), 2011-2018, 2002
Diel vertical migration of Arctic zooplankton during the polar night
J Berge, F Cottier, KS Last, Ø Varpe, E Leu, J Søreide, K Eiane, ...
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In the dark: a review of ecosystem processes during the Arctic polar night
J Berge, PE Renaud, G Darnis, F Cottier, K Last, TM Gabrielsen, ...
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Unexpected levels of biological activity during the polar night offer new perspectives on a warming Arctic
J Berge, M Daase, PE Renaud, WG Ambrose, G Darnis, KS Last, E Leu, ...
Current Biology 25 (19), 2555-2561, 2015
Timing of reproductive events in the marine copepod Calanus glacialis: a pan-Arctic perspective
M Daase, S Falk-Petersen, Ø Varpe, G Darnis, JE Søreide, A Wold, E Leu, ...
Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences 70 (6), 871-884, 2013
Increased irradiance reduces food quality of sea ice algae
E Leu, J Wiktor, JE Søreide, J Berge, S Falk-Petersen
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Vertical migration in high Arctic waters during autumn 2004
S Falk-Petersen, E Leu, J Berge, S Kwasniewski, H Nygård, A Røstad, ...
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 55 (20-21), 2275-2284, 2008
Fatty acid dynamics during the spring bloom in a High Arctic fjord: importance of abiotic factors versus community changes
E Leu, S Falk-Petersen, S Kwaśniewski, A Wulff, K Edvardsen, ...
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63 (12), 2760-2779, 2006
Under-ice phytoplankton blooms: Shedding light on the “invisible” part of Arctic primary production
M Ardyna, CJ Mundy, N Mayot, LC Matthes, L Oziel, C Horvat, E Leu, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science, 985, 2020
Trophic transfer and trophic modification of fatty acids in high Arctic lakes
DO Hessen, EVA Leu
Freshwater Biology 51 (11), 1987-1998, 2006
Is ambient light during the high Arctic polar night sufficient to act as a visual cue for zooplankton?
JH Cohen, J Berge, MA Moline, AJ Sørensen, K Last, S Falk-Petersen, ...
PLoS One 10 (6), e0126247, 2015
Effect of ocean acidification on the fatty acid composition of a natural plankton community
E Leu, M Daase, KG Schulz, A Stuhr, U Riebesell
Biogeosciences 10 (2), 1143-1153, 2013
Light and spectral properties as determinants of C: N: P-ratios in phytoplankton
DO Hessen, E Leu, PJ Færøvig, SF Petersen
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 55 (20-21), 2169-2175, 2008
Phytoplankton seasonal dynamics in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard and the adjacent shelf
EN Hegseth, P Assmy, JM Wiktor, J Wiktor, S Kristiansen, E Leu, ...
The Ecosystem of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, 173-227, 2019
Ice-related seasonality in zooplankton community composition in a high Arctic fjord
A Weydmann, JE Søreide, S Kwaśniewski, E Leu, S Falk-Petersen, ...
Journal of Plankton Research 35 (4), 831-842, 2013
Fast reactivation of photosynthesis in arctic phytoplankton during the polar night1
AC Kvernvik, CJM Hoppe, E Lawrenz, O Prášil, M Greenacre, JM Wiktor, ...
Journal of phycology 54 (4), 461-470, 2018
Life strategy and diet of Calanus glacialis during the winter–spring transition in Amundsen Gulf, south-eastern Beaufort Sea
A Wold, G Darnis, JE Søreide, E Leu, B Philippe, L Fortier, M Poulin, ...
Polar Biology 34, 1929-1946, 2011
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