Charity Phillips-Lander
Charity Phillips-Lander
Space Science Division, Southwest Research Institute
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The Enceladus Orbilander mission concept: Balancing return and resources in the search for life
SM MacKenzie, M Neveu, AF Davila, JI Lunine, KL Craft, ML Cable, ...
The Planetary Science Journal 2 (2), 77, 2021
Deciphering the diagenetic history of the El Abra Formation of eastern Mexico using reordered clumped isotope temperatures and U-Pb dating
M Lawson, BJ Shenton, DA Stolper, JM Eiler, ET Rasbury, TP Becker, ...
GSA Bulletin 130 (3-4), 617-629, 2018
Returning samples from Enceladus for life detection
M Neveu, AD Anbar, AF Davila, DP Glavin, SM MacKenzie, ...
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 7, 26, 2020
Structural architecture of the sheeted dike complex and extensional tectonics of the Jurassic Mirdita ophiolite, Albania
CM Phillips-Lander, Y Dilek
Lithos 108 (1-4), 192-206, 2009
A conservation roadmap for the subterranean biome
JJ Wynne, FG Howarth, S Mammola, RL Ferreira, P Cardoso, TD Lorenzo, ...
Conservation Letters 14 (5), e12834, 2021
Alunite dissolution rates: Dissolution mechanisms and implications for Mars
JL Miller, ASE Madden, CM Phillips-Lander, BN Pritchett, MEE Madden
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 172, 93-106, 2016
A roadmap for planetary caves science and exploration
TN Titus, JJ Wynne, MJ Malaska, A Agha-Mohammadi, PB Buhler, ...
Nature Astronomy 5 (6), 524-525, 2021
Silicate dissolution in Las Pailas thermal field: Implications for microbial weathering in acidic volcanic hydrothermal spring systems
CM Phillips-Lander, DA Fowle, A Taunton, W Hernandez, M Mora, ...
Geomicrobiology Journal 31 (1), 23-41, 2014
Taphonomy of microbial biosignatures in spring deposits: A comparison of modern, quaternary, and Jurassic examples
SL Potter-McIntyre, J Williams, C Phillips-Lander, L O'Connell
Astrobiology 17 (3), 216-230, 2017
THEO concept mission: testing the habitability of Enceladus’s Ocean
SM MacKenzie, TE Caswell, CM Phillips-Lander, EN Stavros, ...
Advances in Space Research 58 (6), 1117-1137, 2016
Aqueous alteration of pyroxene in sulfate, chloride, and perchlorate brines: Implications for post-Noachian aqueous alteration on Mars
CM Phillips-Lander, ASE Madden, EM Hausrath, MEE Madden
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 257, 336-353, 2019
Science objectives for flagship-class mission concepts for the search for evidence of life at enceladus
SM MacKenzie, M Neveu, AF Davila, JI Lunine, ML Cable, ...
Astrobiology 22 (6), 685-712, 2022
Snow algae preferentially grow on Fe-containing minerals and contribute to the formation of Fe phases
CM Phillips-Lander, Z Harrold, EM Hausrath, A Lanzirotti, M Newville, ...
Geomicrobiology Journal 37 (6), 572-581, 2020
Carbonate dissolution rates in high salinity brines: Implications for post-Noachian chemical weathering on Mars
CM Phillips-Lander, SR Parnell, LE McGraw, MEE Madden
Icarus 307, 281-293, 2018
Fundamental science and engineering questions in planetary cave exploration
JJ Wynne, TN Titus, A Agha‐Mohammadi, A Azua‐Bustos, PJ Boston, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 127 (11), e2022JE007194, 2022
Science and technology requirements to explore caves in our Solar System
T Titus, JJ Wynne, P Boston, P De Leon, C Demirel-Floyd, H Jones, ...
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society 53 (4), 2021
Encealdus Orbilander: A flagship mission concept for astrobiology
SM MacKenzie, KW Kirby, PJ Greenauer, M Neveu, R Gold, A Davila, ...
Experimental coupling of a MEMS gas chromatograph and a mass spectrometer for organic analysis in space environments
RC Blase, MJ Libardoni, GP Miller, KE Miller, CM Phillips-Lander, ...
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 4 (10), 1718-1729, 2020
Can we use pyroxene weathering textures to interpret aqueous alteration conditions? Yes and No
CM Phillips-Lander, C Legett IV, AS Elwood Madden, ...
American Mineralogist 102 (9), 1915-1921, 2017
Mars Astrobiological Cave and Internal habitability Explorer (MACIE): A new frontiers mission concept
CM Phillips-Lander, A Agha-Mohamadi, JJ Wynne, TN Titus, N Chanover, ...
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society 53 (4), 2020
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