Knut H. Rolland
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Balancing the local and the global in infrastructural information systems
KH Rolland, E Monteiro
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Managing digital platforms in user organizations: the interactions between digital options and digital debt
KH Rolland, L Mathiassen, A Rai
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K Rolland, T Dingsoyr, B Fitzgerald, KJ Stol
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V Hepsø, E Monteiro, KH Rolland
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E Monteiro, KH Rolland
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Challenging the Installed Base: Deploying a Large Scale IS in a Global Organization
KH Rolland
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Ambidextrous enterprise architecting: Betting on the future and hacking path-dependencies
KH Rolland, G Ghinea, TM Gronli
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E Monteiro, T Østerlie, KH Rolland, E Røyrvik
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The ‘Critical Case’in Information Systems Research
KH Rolland, J Herstad
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To schedule or not to schedule? An investigation of meetings as an inter-team coordination mechanism in large-scale agile software development
NB Moe, T Dingsøyr, K Rolland
Re-inventing information infrastructures in situated practices of use: An interpretive case study of information technology and work transformation in a global company
KH Rolland
Unpublished Doctoral Thesis, University of Oslo, Oslo, 2003
Coordination in multi-team programmes: An investigation of the group mode in large-scale agile software development
T Dingsøyr, K Rolland, NB Moe, EA Seim
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'Desperately'seeking research on agile requirements in the context of large-scale agile projects
KH Rolland
Scientific Workshop Proceedings of the XP2015, 1-6, 2015
The techno-political dynamics of information infrastructure development: Interpreting two cases of puzzling evidence
KH Rolland, M Aanestad
26th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS) Porvoo, Finland, 2003
Tailoring agile in the large: Experience and reflections from a large-scale agile software development project
KH Rolland, V Mikkelsen, A Næss
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When ‘perfect’integration leads to increasing risks: the case of an integrated information system in a global company
KH Rolland, E Monteiro
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Re-Inventing information infrastructure in situated practices of use
KHR Rolland
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway, 2002
The Benefits and Limitations of Knowledge Management in Global Software Development
T Dingsøyr, KH Rolland, ML Jaccheri
The 3 rd International Workshop on Global Software Development, 63, 2004
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