Knut H. Rolland
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KH Rolland, E Monteiro
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KH Rolland
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KH Rolland, J Herstad
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KH Rolland
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The techno-political dynamics of information infrastructure development: Interpreting two cases of puzzling evidence
KH Rolland, M Aanestad
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KH Rolland, V Mikkelsen, A Næss
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'Desperately'seeking research on agile requirements in the context of large-scale agile projects
KH Rolland
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Re-inventing information infrastructure in situated practices of use
K Rolland
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Oslo: University of Oslo, 2003
To schedule or not to schedule? An investigation of meetings as an inter-team coordination mechanism in large-scale agile software development
NB Moe, T Dingsøyr, K Rolland
The Benefits and Limitations of Knowledge Management in Global Software Development
T Dingsøyr, KH Rolland, ML Jaccheri
The 3 rd International Workshop on Global Software Development, 63, 2004
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