Bart A. Nolet
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The impact of climate change on lakes in the Netherlands: a review
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Personality predicts the use of social information
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Costs of swimming measured at optimum speed: scale effects, differences between swimming styles, taxonomic groups and submerged and surface swimming.
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Ecophysiology of avian migration in the face of current global hazards
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Wild bird surveillance around outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N8) virus in the Netherlands, 2014, within the context of global flyways
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Bewick's Swans refuelling on pondweed tubers in the Dvina Bay (White Sea) during their spring migration: first come, first served
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Effect of macrophyte community composition and nutrient enrichment on plant biomass and algal blooms
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Herbivory on freshwater and marine macrophytes: a review and perspective
ES Bakker, KA Wood, JF Pagès, GFC Veen, MJA Christianen, ...
Aquatic Botany 135, 18-36, 2016
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