Naďa Zíková
Naďa Zíková
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, CAS
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Number size distributions and seasonality of submicron particles in Europe 2008–2009
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11 (11), 5505-5538, 2011
Laboratory assessment of low-cost PM monitors
A Manikonda, N Zíková, PK Hopke, AR Ferro
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On the source contribution to Beijing PM2. 5 concentrations
N Zíková, Y Wang, F Yang, X Li, M Tian, PK Hopke
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J Hofman, J Staelens, R Cordell, C Stroobants, N Zikova, SML Hama, ...
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Primary versus secondary contributions to particle number concentrations in the European boundary layer
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Markers of oxidative damage of nucleic acids and proteins among workers exposed to TiO2 (nano) particles
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Sensors 17 (8), 1922, 2017
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Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 9 (4), 1545-1551, 2016
Size-resolved penetration through high-efficiency filter media typically used for aerosol sampling
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D Pelclova, V Zdimal, P Kacer, Z Fenclova, S Vlckova, M Komarc, ...
Journal of breath research 10 (3), 036004, 2016
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