Hans Ole Ørka
Hans Ole Ørka
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Lidar sampling for large-area forest characterization: A review
MA Wulder, JC White, RF Nelson, E Næsset, HO Ørka, NC Coops, ...
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Inventory of small forest areas using an unmanned aerial system
S Puliti, HO Ørka, T Gobakken, E Næsset
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HO Ørka, E Næsset, OM Bollandsås
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I Korpela, HO Ørka, M Maltamo, T Tokola, J Hyyppä
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M Dalponte, HO Ørka, LT Ene, T Gobakken, E Næsset
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Range and AGC normalization in airborne discrete-return LiDAR intensity data for forest canopies
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T Gobakken, E Næsset, R Nelson, OM Bollandsås, TG Gregoire, G Ståhl, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 123, 443-456, 2012
Biomass estimation using 3D data from unmanned aerial vehicle imagery in a tropical woodland
DJ Kachamba, HO Ørka, T Gobakken, T Eid, W Mwase
Remote Sensing 8 (11), 968, 2016
Effects of different sensors and leaf-on and leaf-off canopy conditions on echo distributions and individual tree properties derived from airborne laser scanning
HO Ørka, E Næsset, OM Bollandsås
Remote Sensing of Environment 114 (7), 1445-1461, 2010
Mapping and estimating forest area and aboveground biomass in miombo woodlands in Tanzania using data from airborne laser scanning, TanDEM-X, RapidEye, and global forest maps …
E Naesset, HO Ørka, S Solberg, OM Bollandsås, EH Hansen, E Mauya, ...
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S Puliti, T Gobakken, HO Ørka, E Næsset
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Utilizing airborne laser intensity for tree species classification
HO Ørka, E Næsset, OM Bollandsås
International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial …, 2007
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HO Ørka, T Gobakken, E Næsset, L Ene, V Lien
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 38 (2), 125-138, 2012
Interpreting cultural remains in airborne laser scanning generated digital terrain models: effects of size and shape on detection success rates
O Risbøl, OM Bollandsås, A Nesbakken, HO Ørka, E Næsset, T Gobakken
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Tree species recognition based on airborne laser scanning and complementary data sources
J Vauhkonen, HO Ørka, J Holmgren, M Dalponte, J Heinzel, B Koch
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Predicting stem diameters and aboveground biomass of individual trees using remote sensing data
M Dalponte, L Frizzera, HO Ørka, T Gobakken, E Næsset, D Gianelle
Ecological Indicators 85, 367-376, 2018
Assessing forest inventory information obtained from different inventory approaches and remote sensing data sources
E Bergseng, HO Ørka, E Næsset, T Gobakken
Annals of forest science 72 (1), 33-45, 2015
Individual tree crown approach for predicting site index in boreal forests using airborne laser scanning and hyperspectral data
K Kandare, HO Ørka, M Dalponte, E Næsset, T Gobakken
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 60, 72-82, 2017
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