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Martensitic transformation in Eurofer-97 and ODS-Eurofer steels: A comparative study
KD Zilnyk, VB Oliveira, HRZ Sandim, A Möslang, D Raabe
Journal of Nuclear Materials 462, 360-367, 2015
Strain partitioning and texture evolution during cold rolling of AISI 201 austenitic stainless steel
IR Souza Filho, KD Zilnyk, MJR Sandim, RE Bolmaro, HRZ Sandim
Materials Science and Engineering: A 702, 161-172, 2017
Long-term microstructural stability of oxide-dispersion strengthened Eurofer steel annealed at 800 C
KD Zilnyk, HRZ Sandim, RE Bolmaro, R Lindau, A Möslang, A Kostka, ...
Journal of nuclear materials 448 (1-3), 33-42, 2014
Grain growth inhibition by connected porosity in sintered niobium
KD Zilnyk, GS Leite, HRZ Sandim, PR Rios
Acta materialia 61 (15), 5821-5828, 2013
Long-term thermal stability of nanoclusters in ODS-Eurofer steel: An atom probe tomography study
KD Zilnyk, KG Pradeep, P Choi, HRZ Sandim, D Raabe
Journal of Nuclear Materials 492, 142-147, 2017
Recrystallization kinetics, mechanisms, and topology in alloys processed by laser powder-bed fusion: AISI 316L stainless steel as example
LS Aota, P Bajaj, KD Zilnyk, EA Jägle, D Ponge, HRZ Sandim, D Raabe
Materialia 20, 101236, 2021
Microstructural stability of a niobium single crystal deformed by equal channel angular pressing
HH Bernardi, HRZ Sandim, KD Zilnyk, B Verlinden, D Raabe
Materials Research 20, 1238-1247, 2017
Misorientation distribution between martensite and austenite in Fe-31 wt% Ni-0.01 wt% C
KD Zilnyk, DRA Junior, HRZ Sandim, PR Rios, D Raabe
Acta Materialia 143, 227-236, 2018
Evaluation of microstructural stability of RAFM ODS-Eurofer steel
HRZ Sandim, RA Renzetti, KD Zilnyk, AF Padilha, R Lindau, A Moslang
Thermodynamic Simulation of Reduced Activation Ferritic–Martensitic Eurofer-97 Steel
VB Oliveira, KD Zilnyk, HRZ Sandim
Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion 38 (3), 208-216, 2017
Magnetic properties and microstructural characterization of cold-rolled and annealed 317L austenitic stainless steel
MJR Sandim, V Mauro, SSM Tavares, KD Zilnyk, HRZ Sandim
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 539, 168336, 2021
Microstructural and magnetic characterization of a lean duplex steel: Strain-induced martensite formation and austenite reversion
MJR Sandim, IR Souza Filho, C Mota, KD Zilnyk, HRZ Sandim
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 517, 167370, 2021
The origin of abnormal grain growth upon thermomechanical processing of laser powder-bed fusion alloys
LS Aota, P Bajaj, KD Zilnyk, D Ponge, HRZ Sandim
Materialia 20, 101243, 2021
A sustainable ultra-high strength Fe18Mn3Ti maraging steel through controlled solute segregation and α-Mn nanoprecipitation
A Kwiatkowski da Silva, IR Souza Filho, W Lu, KD Zilnyk, MF Hupalo, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 1-8, 2022
Reconstructing the austenite parent microstructure of martensitic steels: A case study for reduced-activation Eurofer steels
DRA Junior, KD Zilnyk, D Raabe, HRZ Sandim
Journal of Nuclear Materials 516, 185-193, 2019
Avaliação do processo de compactação uniaxial de pós metálicos por meio de ensaios de compressibilidades de alta resolução
CONGRESSO ANUAL DA ABM 63, 3020-3028, 2008
Microstructural characterization of 15-5PH stainless steel processed by laser powder-bed fusion
LFK Unti, LS Aota, AL Jardini, AP Tschiptschin, HRZ Sandim, EA Jägle, ...
Materials Characterization 181, 111485, 2021
Ecap consolidation and heat treatment of blended elemental powders of Iron, Chromium, Nickel and Manganese
RS Namur, LM Feitosa, ACK Ferreira, AG Bueno, KD Zilnyk, OM Cintho
Materials Research 22, 2020
In Situ x-ray Diffraction Study of the Deformation of an AISI 316L Stainless Steel Produced by Laser Powder Bed Fusion
LF Starck, KD Zilnyk, ALT Senra, RS Namur, MT Izumi, M de Castro, ...
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 1-14, 2022
Equal channel angular pressing consolidation and heat treatment of blended elemental powders of Fe-Mn-Al
RS Namur, AC Krapp Ferreira, LM Feitosa, AG Bueno, KD Zilnyk, ...
Materials Science Forum 1012, 291-295, 2020
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