maria cristina de rosa
maria cristina de rosa
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Two adjacent inversions maintain genomic differentiation between migratory and stationary ecotypes of Atlantic cod
TG Kirubakaran, H Grove, MP Kent, SR Sandve, M Baranski, T Nome, ...
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The plasma membrane of erythrocytes plays a fundamental role in the transport of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide and in the maintenance of the reduced state of the heme …
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Modeling the ternary complex TCR-Vβ/collagenII (261–273)/HLA-DR4 associated with rheumatoid arthritis
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Alignment of flexible molecules at their receptor site using 3D descriptors and Hi-PCA
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Insights into the properties of the two enantiomers of trans-δ-viniferin, a resveratrol derivative: Antioxidant activity, biochemical and molecular modeling studies of its …
S Ficarra, E Tellone, D Pirolli, A Russo, D Barreca, A Galtieri, B Giardina, ...
Molecular Biosystems 12 (4), 1276-1286, 2016
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