Luigi Formisano
Luigi Formisano
Università Federico II Napoli
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Animal models of multiple sclerosis
C Procaccini, V De Rosa, V Pucino, L Formisano, G Matarese
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Role of metabolism in neurodegenerative disorders
C Procaccini, M Santopaolo, D Faicchia, A Colamatteo, L Formisano, ...
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Ischemic insults promote epigenetic reprogramming of μ opioid receptor expression in hippocampal neurons
L Formisano, KM Noh, T Miyawaki, T Mashiko, MVL Bennett, RS Zukin
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (10), 4170-4175, 2007
Leptin-induced mTOR activation defines a specific molecular and transcriptional signature controlling CD4+ effector T cell responses
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Role of adipokines signaling in the modulation of T cells function
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Silencing or knocking out the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger-3 (NCX3) impairs oligodendrocyte differentiation
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Pentraxin 3 induces vascular endothelial dysfunction through a P-selectin/matrix metalloproteinase-1 pathway
A Carrizzo, P Lenzi, C Procaccini, A Damato, F Biagioni, M Ambrosio, ...
Circulation 131 (17), 1495-1505, 2015
A single fear-inducing stimulus induces a transcription-dependent switch in synaptic AMPAR phenotype
Y Liu, L Formisano, I Savtchouk, Y Takayasu, G Szabó, RS Zukin, SJ Liu
Nature neuroscience 13 (2), 223-231, 2010
Sp3/REST/HDAC1/HDAC2 complex represses and Sp1/HIF-1/p300 complex activates ncx1 gene transcription, in brain ischemia and in ischemic brain preconditioning, by epigenetic …
L Formisano, N Guida, V Valsecchi, M Cantile, O Cuomo, A Vinciguerra, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (19), 7332-7348, 2015
The two isoforms of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger, NCX1 and NCX3, constitute novel additional targets for the prosurvival action of Akt/protein kinase B pathway
L Formisano, M Saggese, A Secondo, R Sirabella, P Vito, V Valsecchi, ...
Molecular pharmacology 73 (3), 727-737, 2008
MicroRNA-103-1 selectively downregulates brain NCX1 and its inhibition by anti-miRNA ameliorates stroke damage and neurological deficits
A Vinciguerra, L Formisano, P Cerullo, N Guida, O Cuomo, A Esposito, ...
Molecular Therapy 22 (10), 1829-1838, 2014
TUCAN/CARDINAL and DRAL participate in a common pathway for modulation of NF-κB activation
A Leonardi, L Formisano, B Di Jeso, P Vito, D Liguoro
FEBS letters 521 (1-3), 165-169, 2002
Rac-1 as a new therapeutic target in cerebro-and cardio-vascular diseases
A Carrizzo, M Forte, M Lembo, L Formisano, A A Puca, C Vecchione
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ncx1, ncx2, and ncx3 Gene Product Expression and Function in Neuronal Anoxia and Brain Ischemia
L Annunziato, G Pignataro, F Boscia, R Sirabella, L Formisano, ...
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1099 (1), 413-426, 2007
Neuronal NOS activation during oxygen and glucose deprivation triggers cerebellar granule cell death in the later reoxygenation phase
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NCX1 is a new rest target gene: role in cerebral ischemia
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Specification of skeletal muscle differentiation by repressor element-1 silencing transcription factor (REST)-regulated Kv7.4 potassium channels
FA Iannotti, V Barrese, L Formisano, F Miceli, M Taglialatela
Molecular biology of the cell 24 (3), 274-284, 2013
D‐Aspartate treatment attenuates myelin damage and stimulates myelin repair
V de Rosa, A Secondo, A Pannaccione, R Ciccone, L Formisano, N Guida, ...
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Resveratrol via sirtuin-1 downregulates RE1-silencing transcription factor (REST) expression preventing PCB-95-induced neuronal cell death
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Sirtuins: possible clinical implications in cardio and cerebrovascular diseases
V Conti, M Forte, G Corbi, G Russomanno, L Formisano, A Landolfi, V Izzo, ...
Current Drug Targets 18 (4), 473-484, 2017
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