Jan Arne Telle
Jan Arne Telle
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Algorithms for vertex partitioning problems on partial k-trees
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JA Telle
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Boolean-width of graphs
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A practical algorithm for making filled graphs minimal
JRS Blair, P Heggernes, JA Telle
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Fast dynamic programming for locally checkable vertex subset and vertex partitioning problems
BM Bui-Xuan, JA Telle, M Vatshelle
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OREGAMI: Tools for mapping parallel computations to parallel architectures
VM Lo, S Rajopadhye, S Gupta, D Keldsen, MA Mohamed, B Nitzberg, ...
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J Kratochvıl, A Proskurowski, JA Telle
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Interval completion is fixed parameter tractable
Y Villanger, P Heggernes, C Paul, JA Telle
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Faster algorithms for the nonemptiness of Streett automata and for communication protocol pruning
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MM Halldórsson, J Kratochvıl, JA Telle
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Linear-time register allocation for a fixed number of registers
H Bodlaender, J Gustedt, JA Telle
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The treewidth of Java programs
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Complexity of graph covering problems
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Mapping divide-and-conquer algorithms to parallel architectures
University of Oregon. Department of Computer and Information Science, ...
Multicoloring trees
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Interval completion with few edges
P Heggernes, C Paul, JA Telle, Y Villanger
Proceedings of the thirty-ninth annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing …, 2007
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