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Does size matter? The relationship between pond area and biodiversity
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B Oertli
Dragonflies and damselflies: model organisms for ecological and evolutionary …, 2008
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Pond conservation: from science to practice
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PLOCH: a standardized method for sampling and assessing the biodiversity in ponds
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B Oertli
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Relationship between biomass and surface area of six submerged aquatic plant species
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Looking for metrics to assess the trophic state of ponds. Macroinvertebrates and amphibians
N Menetrey, L Sager, B Oertli, JB Lachavanne
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New policy directions for global pond conservation
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Diversité biologique et typologie écologique des étangs et petits lacs de Suisse
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Office Fédéral de L'environnement, 2000
Warmer and richer? Predicting the impact of climate warming on species richness in small temperate waterbodies
V Rosset, A Lehmann, B Oertli
Global Change Biology 16 (8), 2376-2387, 2010
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