R.M. Jong-A-Pin
R.M. Jong-A-Pin
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Trade and business cycle synchronization in OECD countries—A re-examination
R Inklaar, R Jong-A-Pin, J De Haan
European Economic Review 52 (4), 646-666, 2008
Will business cycles in the euro area converge? A critical survey of empirical research
J De Haan, R Inklaar, R Jong‐A‐Pin
Journal of economic surveys 22 (2), 234-273, 2008
On the measurement of political instability and its impact on economic growth
R Jong-A-Pin
European Journal of Political Economy 25 (1), 15-29, 2009
Do political variables affect fiscal policy adjustment decisions? New empirical evidence
JO Mierau, R Jong-A-Pin, J De Haan
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Terrorism and electoral accountability: One strike, you're out!
M Gassebner, R Jong-A-Pin, JO Mierau
Economics Letters 100 (1), 126-129, 2008
Measuring synchronicity and co-movement of business cycles with an application to the euro area
M Mink, JPAM Jacobs, J De Haan
CESifo Working Paper Series, 2007
Financial stability reviews: A first empirical analysis
S Oosterloo, J de Haan, R Jong-A-Pin
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Do budgetary institutions mitigate the common pool problem? New empirical evidence for the EU
J De Haan, R Jong-A-Pin, JO Mierau
Public Choice 156 (3-4), 423-441, 2013
Political regime change, economic liberalization and growth accelerations
R Jong-A-Pin, J De Haan
Public Choice 146 (1-2), 93-115, 2011
Terrorism and cabinet duration
M Gassebner, R Jong‐A‐Pin, JO Mierau
International Economic Review 52 (4), 1253-1270, 2011
Using real-time data to test for political budget cycles
R Jong-A-Pin, JE Sturm, J De Haan
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Democracy, globalization and ethnic violence
D Bezemer, R Jong-A-Pin
Journal of Comparative Economics 41 (1), 108-125, 2013
Growth accelerations and regime changes: A correction
R Jong-A-Pin, J De Haan
Econ Journal Watch 5 (1), 51, 2008
On the relationship between central bank independence and inflation: some more bad news
K Bouwman, R Jong-A-Pin, J de Haan
Applied Financial Economics Letters 1 (6), 381-385, 2005
Political regime change, economic reform and growth accelerations
R Jong-A-Pin, J De Haan
CESifo Working Paper Series, 2007
No country for old men: Aging dictators and economic growth
R Jong-A-Pin, JO Mierau
KOF working papers/KOF Swiss Economic Institute, ETH Zurich, 2011
The European economic and monetary union and labour market reform
E Bednarek-Sekunda, R Jong-A-Pin, J de Haan
European Union Politics 11 (1), 3-27, 2010
On the measurement of voter ideology
MD Laméris, R Jong-A-Pin, H Garretsen
European Journal of Political Economy 55, 417-432, 2018
Political leader survival: does competence matter?
S Yu, R Jong-A-Pin
Public Choice 166 (1-2), 113-142, 2016
Essays on political instability: Measurement, causes and consequences
RM Jong-A-Pin
PPI Publishers, 2008
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