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Biosorption of nanoparticles to heterotrophic wastewater biomass
MA Kiser, H Ryu, H Jang, K Hristovski, P Westerhoff
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Evaluating UV-C LED disinfection performance and investigating potential dual-wavelength synergy
SE Beck, H Ryu, LA Boczek, JL Cashdollar, KM Jeanis, JS Rosenblum, ...
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Functional microbial diversity explains groundwater chemistry in a pristine aquifer
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Development of quantitative PCR assays targeting the 16S rRNA genes of Enterococcus spp. and their application to the identification of Enterococcus species in environmental …
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A comparison of pilot-scale photocatalysis and enhanced coagulation for disinfection byproduct mitigation
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M Filion
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Efficacy of removal of CCL viruses under enhanced coagulation conditions
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Biofilms on hospital shower hoses: characterization and implications for nosocomial infections
MJ Soto-Giron, LM Rodriguez-R, C Luo, M Elk, H Ryu, J Hoelle, ...
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Microbial community response to chlorine conversion in a chloraminated drinking water distribution system
H Wang, CR Proctor, MA Edwards, M Pryor, JW Santo Domingo, H Ryu, ...
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Evaluation of the repeatability and reproducibility of a suite of qPCR-based microbial source tracking methods
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Multi-laboratory evaluations of the performance of Catellicoccus marimammalium PCR assays developed to target gull fecal sources
CD Sinigalliano, JS Ervin, LC Van De Werfhorst, BD Badgley, E Ballesté, ...
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Syntrophic interactions between H2-scavenging and anode-respiring bacteria can improve current density in microbial electrochemical cells
Y Gao, H Ryu, JW Santo Domingo, HS Lee
Bioresource technology 153, 245-253, 2014
Comparison of gull feces-specific assays targeting the 16S rRNA genes of Catellicoccus marimammalium and Streptococcus spp
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Assessment of the risk of infection by Cryptosporidium and Giardia in non-potable reclaimed water
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Microbial characterization and population changes in nonpotable reclaimed water distribution systems
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Enhanced lipid and biodiesel production from glucose‐fed activated sludge: Kinetics and microbial community analysis
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AIChE Journal 58 (4), 1279-1290, 2012
Distribution of human-specific bacteroidales and fecal indicator bacteria in an urban watershed impacted by sewage pollution, determined using RNA-and DNA-based quantitative …
V Kapoor, T Pitkänen, H Ryu, M Elk, D Wendell, JW Santo Domingo
Applied and environmental microbiology 81 (1), 91-99, 2015
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