Katie L. Moore
Katie L. Moore
Sennior Lecturer, Department of Materials, The University of Manchester
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Iron-Dependent Callose Deposition Adjusts Root Meristem Maintenance to Phosphate Availability
J Müller, T Toev, M Heisters, J Teller, KL Moore, G Hause, DC Dinesh, ...
Developmental Cell 33 (2), 216-230, 2015
Identification of the primary lesion of toxic aluminum in plant roots
PM Kopittke, KL Moore, E Lombi, A Gianoncelli, BJ Ferguson, ...
Plant Physiology 167 (4), 1402-1411, 2015
On the effect of boron on grain boundary character in a new polycrystalline superalloy
P Kontis, HAM Yusof, S Pedrazzini, M Danaie, KL Moore, PAJ Bagot, ...
Acta Materialia 103, 688-699, 2016
Combined NanoSIMS and synchrotron X‐ray fluorescence reveal distinct cellular and subcellular distribution patterns of trace elements in rice tissues
KL Moore, Y Chen, AML van de Meene, L Hughes, W Liu, T Geraki, ...
New Phytologist 201 (1), 104-115, 2014
How the crystallography and nanoscale chemistry of the metal/oxide interface develops during the aqueous oxidation of zirconium cladding alloys
N Ni, D Hudson, J Wei, P Wang, S Lozano-Perez, GDW Smith, JM Sykes, ...
Acta Materialia 60 (20), 7132-7149, 2012
Imaging element distribution and speciation in plant cells
FJ Zhao, KL Moore, E Lombi, YG Zhu
Trends in plant science 19 (3), 183-192, 2014
NanoSIMS analysis of arsenic and selenium in cereal grain
KL Moore, M Schröder, E Lombi, FJ Zhao, SP McGrath, MJ Hawkesford, ...
New Phytologist 185 (2), 434-445, 2010
Elemental imaging at the nanoscale: NanoSIMS and complementary techniques for element localisation in plants
KL Moore, E Lombi, FJ Zhao, CRM Grovenor
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 402 (10), 3263-3273, 2012
High-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry reveals the contrasting subcellular distribution of arsenic and silicon in rice roots
KL Moore, M Schröder, Z Wu, BGH Martin, CR Hawes, SP McGrath, ...
Plant physiology 156 (2), 913-924, 2011
Intergranular crack tip oxidation in a Ni-base superalloy
L Viskari, M Hörnqvist, KL Moore, Y Cao, K Stiller
Acta Materialia 61 (10), 3630-3639, 2013
The Nodulin 26-like intrinsic membrane protein OsNIP3; 2 is involved in arsenite uptake by lateral roots in rice
Y Chen, SK Sun, Z Tang, G Liu, KL Moore, FJM Maathuis, AJ Miller, ...
Journal of experimental botany 68 (11), 3007-3016, 2017
The role of nodes in arsenic storage and distribution in rice
Y Chen, KL Moore, AJ Miller, SP McGrath, JF Ma, FJ Zhao
Journal of experimental botany 66 (13), 3717-3724, 2015
On the role of precipitates in hydrogen trapping and hydrogen embrittlement of a nickel-based superalloy
Z Zhang, KL Moore, G McMahon, R Morana, M Preuss
Corrosion Science 146, 58-69, 2019
Improving wheat as a source of iron and zinc for global nutrition
PRS J Balk, JM Connorton, Y Wan, A Lovegrove, KL Moore, C Uauy, PA Sharp
Nutrition Bulletin, 2019
Denitrifying pathways dominate nitrous oxide emissions from managed grassland during drought and rewetting
E Harris, E Diaz-Pines, E Stoll, M Schloter, S Schulz, C Duffner, K Li, ...
Science advances 7 (6), eabb7118, 2021
Localization of iron in rice grain using synchrotron X-ray fluorescence microscopy and high resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry
B Kyriacou, KL Moore, D Paterson, MD de Jonge, DL Howard, ...
Journal of Cereal Science 59 (2), 173-180, 2014
An investigation of the oxidation behaviour of zirconium alloys using isotopic tracers and high resolution SIMS
SS Yardley, KL Moore, N Ni, JF Wei, S Lyon, M Preuss, S Lozano-Perez, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 443 (1-3), 436-443, 2013
Localisation of iron in wheat grain using high resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry
KL Moore, FJ Zhao, CS Gritsch, P Tosi, MJ Hawkesford, SP McGrath, ...
Journal of Cereal Science 55 (2), 183-187, 2012
Examinations of oxidation and sulfidation of grain boundaries in alloy 600 exposed to simulated pressurized water reactor primary water
DK Schreiber, MJ Olszta, DW Saxey, K Kruska, KL Moore, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis 19 (3), 676-687, 2013
Complementary Imaging of Silver Nanoparticle Interactions with Green Algae: Dark-Field Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, and Nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
R Sekine, KL Moore, M Matzke, P Vallotton, H Jiang, GM Hughes, ...
ACS nano 11 (11), 10894-10902, 2017
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