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Multiplex cell and lineage tracking with combinatorial labels
K Loulier, R Barry, P Mahou, Y Le Franc, W Supatto, KS Matho, S Ieng, ...
Neuron 81 (3), 505-520, 2014
Angiogenic factors stimulate growth of adult neural stem cells
A Androutsellis-Theotokis, MA Rueger, DM Park, JD Boyd, ...
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NineML: the network interchange for ne uroscience modeling language
I Raikov, R Cannon, R Clewley, H Cornelis, A Davison, E De Schutter, ...
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Exploring spike transfer through the thalamus using hybrid artificial-biological neuronal networks
D Debay, J Wolfart, Y Le Franc, G Le Masson, T Bal
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Multiple firing patterns in deep dorsal horn neurons of the spinal cord: computational analysis of mechanisms and functional implications
Y Le Franc, G Le Masson
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Describing neurophysiology data and metadata with oen, the ontology for experimental neurophysiology
Y Le Franc, A Bandrowski, P Brůha, V Papež, J Grewe, R Mouček, ...
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Computational Neuroscience Ontology: a new tool to provide semantic meaning to your models
Y Le Franc, AP Davison, P Gleeson, FT Imam, B Kriener, SD Larson, ...
BMC Neuroscience 13 (1), 1-2, 2012
Re-creating in vivo-like activity and investigating the signal transfer capabilities of neurons: dynamic-clamp applications using real-time neuron
G Sadoc, G Le Masson, B Foutry, Y Le Franc, Z Piwkowska, A Destexhe, ...
Dynamic-Clamp, 287-320, 2009
D2. 2 FAIR Semantics: First recommendations
YL Franc, G Coen, JP Essen, L Bonino, H Lehväslaiho, C Staiger
Enhancing the Discoverability and Interoperability of Multi-Disciplinary Semantic Repositories
D Goldfarb, Y Le Franc
2nd International Workshop on Semantics for Biodiversity co-located with …, 2017
Nociceptive signal transfer through the dorsal horn network: hybrid and dynamic clamp approaches using a real-time implementation of the Neuron simulation environment
Y Le Franc, B Foutry, F Nagy, G Le Masson
Soc Neurosci Abstracts 27 (927.18), 2001
Mobile metadata: bringing neuroinformatics tools to the bench
Y Le Franc, D Gonzalez, I Mylyanyk, J Grewe, P Jezek, R Moucek, ...
Front. Neuroinform 8 (53), 10.3389, 2014
Framework for automatic generation of graphical layout compatible with multiple platforms
P Ježek, R Mouček, Y Le Franc, T Wachtler, J Grewe
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The ontology for experimental neurophysiology: a first step toward semantic annotations of neurophysiology data and metadata
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NineML: declarative, mathematically-explicit descriptions of spiking neuronal networks
A Gorchetchnikov, R Cannon, R Clewley, H Cornelis, A Davison, ...
Frontiers in Neuroinform. Conference Abstract: 4th INCF Congress of …, 2011
Requirements for Storing Electrophysiology Data
FT Sommer, T Wachtler, JL Teeters, J Benda, AP Davison, SJ Eglen, ...
CoRR abs/1605.07673. Available online at: http://arxiv. org/abs/1605.07673, 2016
Inward Rectifier Potassium Channels.
Y Le Franc
Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience, 2014
Requirements for storing electrophysiology data
J Teeters, J Benda, A Davison, S Eglen, RC Gerkin, J Grethe, J Grewe, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1605.07673, 2016
A neural network simulation system using conductance-based neuromorphic VLSI neurons
L Alvado, S Renaud, V Douence, J Tomas, Y Lefranc, G Le Masson
CCNS'2002, 2002
FAIR semantics and the NVS
A Kokkinaki, G Moncoiffe, Y Le Franc
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