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Hessel Oosterbeek
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The impact of entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurship skills and motivation
H Oosterbeek, M Van Praag, A Ijsselstein
European economic review 54 (3), 442-454, 2010
Cultural differences in ultimatum game experiments: Evidence from a meta-analysis
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Gender, competitiveness, and career choices
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Overeducation and mismatch in the labor market
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Education, allocation and earnings in the Netherlands: 0verschooling?
J Hartog, H Oosterbeek
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The impact of gender diversity on the performance of business teams: Evidence from a field experiment
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Health, wealth and happiness: why pursue a higher education?
J Hartog, H Oosterbeek
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Long-term effects of class size
P Fredriksson, B Öckert, H Oosterbeek
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The effect of extra funding for disadvantaged pupils on achievement
E Leuven, M Lindahl, H Oosterbeek, D Webbink
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E Leuven, H Oosterbeek, B Van der Klaauw
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W Groot, J Hartog, H Oosterbeek
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Explaining international differences in male skill wage differentials by differences in demand and supply of skill
E Leuven, H Oosterbeek, H Van Ophem
The Economic Journal 114 (495), 466-486, 2004
An alternative approach to estimate the wage returns to private‐sector training
E Leuven, H Oosterbeek
Journal of applied econometrics 23 (4), 423-434, 2008
Does studying abroad induce a brain drain?
H Oosterbeek, D Webbink
Economica 78 (310), 347-366, 2011
Public and private sector wages in the Netherlands
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Demand and supply of work-related training: Evidence from four countries
E Leuven, H Oosterbeek
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Quasi‐experimental estimates of the effect of class size on achievement in Norway
E Leuven, H Oosterbeek, M Rønning
Scandinavian Journal of Economics 110 (4), 663-693, 2008
The causal effect of class size on scholastic achievement: distinguishing the pure class size effect from the effect of changes in class composition
S Dobbelsteen, J Levin, H Oosterbeek
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and statistics 64 (1), 17-38, 2002
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