Mike Zabrocki
Mike Zabrocki
Professor Mathematics, York University
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Sitert av
Sitert av
Supercharacters, symmetric functions in noncommuting variables, and related Hopf algebras
M Aguiar, C André, C Benedetti, N Bergeron, Z Chen, P Diaconis, ...
Advances in Mathematics 229 (4), 2310-2337, 2012
The Hopf algebras of symmetric functions and quasisymmetric functions in non-commutative variables are free and cofree
N Bergeron, M Zabrocki
Journal of Algebra and Its Applications 8 (4), 581-600, 2009
A Compositional Shuffle Conjecture Specifying Touch Points of the Dyck Path
J Haglund, J Morse, M Zabrocki
Canadian Journal of Mathematics 64 (4), 822-844, 2012
k-Schur functions and affine Schubert calculus
T Lam, L Lapointe, J Morse, A Schilling, M Shimozono, M Zabrocki
arXiv preprint arXiv:1301.3569 33, 219, 2013
On the Stanley–Wilf limit of 4231-avoiding permutations and a conjecture of Arratia
MH Albert, M Elder, A Rechnitzer, P Westcott, M Zabrocki
Advances in Applied Mathematics 36 (2), 96-105, 2006
Invariants and Coinvariants of the Symmetric Group in Noncommuting Variables
N Bergeron, C Reutenauer, M Rosas, M Zabrocki
Canadian Journal of Mathematics 60 (2), 266-296, 2008
A lift of the Schur and Hall-Littlewood bases to non-commutative symmetric functions
C Berg, N Bergeron, F Saliola, L Serrano, M Zabrocki
Canadian Journal of Mathematics 66 (3), 525-565, 2014
Hall–Littlewood vertex operators and generalized Kostka polynomials
M Shimozono, M Zabrocki
Advances in Mathematics 158 (1), 66-85, 2001
Hall–Littlewood operators in the theory of parking functions and diagonal harmonics
A Garsia, G Xin, M Zabrocki
International Mathematics Research Notices 2012 (6), 1264-1299, 2012
Grothendieck bialgebras, partition lattices and symmetric functions in noncommutative variables
N Bergeron, C Hohlweg, M Rosas, M Zabrocki
arXiv preprint math/0506360, 2005
Indecomposable modules for the dual immaculate basis of quasi-symmetric functions
C Berg, N Bergeron, F Saliola, L Serrano, M Zabrocki
Proceedings of the AMS 143 (3), 991-1000, 2015
Expressions for Catalan Kronecker products
A Brown, S Van Willigenburg, M Zabrocki
Pacific journal of mathematics 248 (1), 31-48, 2010
Symmetric group characters as symmetric functions
R Orellana, M Zabrocki
arXiv preprint arXiv:1605.06672, 2016
A proof of the -variable Catalan polynomial of the Delta conjecture
M Zabrocki
arXiv preprint arXiv:1609.03497, 2016
Expansion of k-Schur functions for maximal k-rectangles within the affine nilCoxeter algebra
C Berg, N Bergeron, H Thomas, M Zabrocki
Journal of Combinatorics 3 (3), 563-589, 2012
Deformed universal characters for classical and affine algebras
M Shimozono, M Zabrocki
Journal of Algebra 299 (1), 33-61, 2006
The Murnaghan–Nakayama rule for k-Schur functions
J Bandlow, A Schilling, M Zabrocki
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 118 (5), 1588-1607, 2011
A Macdonald vertex operator and standard tableaux statistics for the two-column (q, t)-Kostka coefficients
M Zabrocki
Electron. J. Combin 5 (1), R45, 1998
Kronecker coefficients via symmetric functions and constant term identities
A Garsia, N Wallach, G Xin, M Zabrocki
International Journal of Algebra and Computation 22 (3), 44 pages, 2012
A Macdonald vertex operator and standard tableaux statistics for the two-column-Kosta coefficients.
M Zabrocki
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics [electronic only] 5 (1), Research …, 1998
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