Chinnapat Panwisawas (ชินพัฒน์ พันธ์วิศวาส)
Chinnapat Panwisawas (ชินพัฒน์ พันธ์วิศวาส)
Queen Mary University of London, University of Oxford
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Sitert av
On the role of melt flow into the surface structure and porosity development during selective laser melting
C Qiu, C Panwisawas, RM Ward, HC Basoalto, JW Brooks, MM Attallah
Acta Materialia 96, 72-79, 2015
Mesoscale modelling of selective laser melting: Thermal fluid dynamics and microstructural evolution
C Panwisawas, C Qiu, MJ Anderson, Y Sovani, RP Turner, MM Attallah, ...
Computational Materials Science 126, 479-490, 2017
On the role of thermal fluid dynamics into the evolution of porosity during selective laser melting
C Panwisawas, C Qiu, Y Sovani, JW Brooks, MM Attallah, HC Basoalto
Scripta Materialia 105, 14-17, 2015
Keyhole formation and thermal fluid flow-induced porosity during laser fusion welding in titanium alloys: Experimental and modelling
C Panwisawas, B Perumal, RM Ward, N Turner, RP Turner, JW Brooks, ...
Acta Materialia 126, 251-263, 2017
Alloys-By-Design: Application to New Superalloys for Additive Manufacturing
YT Tang, C Panwisawas, JN Ghoussoub, Y Gong, J Clark, A Németh, ...
Acta Materialia 202, 417-436, 2021
Metal 3D printing as a disruptive technology for superalloys
C Panwisawas, YT Tang, RC Reed
Nature Communications 11, 2327, 2020
Prediction of recrystallization in investment cast single-crystal superalloys
C Panwisawas, H Mathur, JC Gebelin, D Putman, CMF Rae, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 61 (1), 51-66, 2013
Modelling of thermal fluid dynamics for fusion welding
C Panwisawas, Y Sovani, RP Turner, JW Brooks, HC Basoalto, I Choquet
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 252, 176-182, 2018
Nucleation of recrystallisation in castings of single crystal Ni-based superalloys
HN Mathur, C Panwisawas, CN Jones, RC Reed, CMF Rae
Acta Materialia 129, 112-123, 2017
In-situ neutron diffraction during stress relaxation of a single crystal nickel-base superalloy
DM Collins, N D'Souza, C Panwisawas
Scripta Materialia 131, 103-107, 2017
Mean-field modelling of the intermetallic precipitate phases during heat treatment and additive manufacture of Inconel 718
MJ Anderson, C Panwisawas, Y Sovani, RP Turner, JW Brooks, ...
Acta Materialia 156, 432-445, 2018
The role of stress relaxation and creep during high temperature deformation in Ni-base single crystal superalloys – Implications to strain build-up during directional …
N D'souza, J Kelleher, C Qiu, SY Zhang, S Gardner, RE Jones, D Putman, ...
Acta Materialia 106, 322-332, 2016
A computational study on the three-dimensional printability of precipitate-strengthened nickel-based superalloys
HC Basoalto, C Panwisawas, Y Sovani, MJ Anderson, RP Turner, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society A 474 (2220), 20180295, 2018
Analysis of the mechanical deformation arising from investment casting of directionally solidified nickel-based superalloys
C Panwisawas, JC Gebelin, RC Reed
Materials Science and Technology 29 (7), 843-853(11), 2013
A Multi-Scale Multi-Physics Approach to Modelling of Additive Manufacturing in Nickel-Based Superalloys
C Panwisawas, Y Sovani, MJ Anderson, RP Turner, NM Palumbo, ...
Superalloys 2016, 1021-1030, 2016
On the influence of alloy chemistry and processing conditions on additive manufacturability of Ni-based superalloys
JN Ghoussoub, YT Tang, C Panwisawas, A Németh, RC Reed
Superalloys 2020, 153-162, 2020
Prediction of grain structure evolution during rapid solidification of high energy density beam induced re-melting
TF Flint, C Panwisawas, Y Sovani, MC Smith, HC Basoalto
Materials and Design 147, 200-210, 2018
Spinodal decomposition versus classical γ′ nucleation in a nickel-base superalloy powder: An in-situ neutron diffraction and atomic-scale analysis
DM Collins, N D’Souza, C Panwisawas, C Papadaki, GD West, A Kostka, ...
Acta Materialia 200, 959-970, 2020
Thermal-solutal-fluid flow of channel segregation during directional solidification of single-crystal nickel-based superalloys
N Ren, J Li, C Panwisawas, M Xia, H Dong, J Li
Acta Materialia 206, 116620, 2021
Digital Materials Design by Thermal-Fluid Science for Multi-Metal Additive Manufacturing
J Shinjo, C Panwisawas
Acta Materialia 210, 116825, 2021
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