Anton Khmelinskii
Anton Khmelinskii
Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Mainz
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Directional tissue migration through a self-generated chemokine gradient
E Donà, JD Barry, G Valentin, C Quirin, A Khmelinskii, A Kunze, S Durdu, ...
Nature 503 (7475), 285, 2013
Tandem fluorescent protein timers for in vivo analysis of protein dynamics
A Khmelinskii, PJ Keller, A Bartosik, M Meurer, JD Barry, BR Mardin, ...
Nature Biotechnology 30 (7), 708-714, 2012
Protein quality control at the inner nuclear membrane
A Khmelinskii, E Blaszczak, M Pantazopoulou, B Fischer, DJ Omnus, ...
Nature 516 (7531), 410-413, 2014
Cdc14-regulated midzone assembly controls anaphase B
A Khmelinskii, C Lawrence, J Roostalu, E Schiebel
The Journal of Cell Biology 177 (6), 981-993, 2007
One library to make them all: streamlining the creation of yeast libraries via a SWAp-Tag strategy
I Yofe, U Weill, M Meurer, S Chuartzman, E Zalckvar, O Goldman, ...
Nature Methods 13 (4), 371-378, 2016
Phosphorylation-dependent protein interactions at the spindle midzone mediate cell cycle regulation of spindle elongation
A Khmelinskii, J Roostalu, H Roque, C Antony, E Schiebel
Developmental Cell 17 (2), 244-256, 2009
Cooperation of mitochondrial and ER factors in quality control of tail-anchored proteins
V Dederer, A Khmelinskii, AG Huhn, V Okreglak, M Knop, MK Lemberg
eLife 8, e45506, 2019
Mapping degradation signals and pathways in a eukaryotic N-terminome
I Kats, A Khmelinskii, M Kschonsak, F Huber, RA Knieß, A Bartosik, ...
Molecular Cell 70 (3), 488-501. e5, 2018
Exploring whole-genome duplicate gene retention with complex genetic interaction analysis
E Kuzmin, B VanderSluis, AN Nguyen Ba, W Wang, EN Koch, M Usaj, ...
Science 368 (6498), eaaz5667, 2020
Incomplete proteasomal degradation of green fluorescent proteins in the context of tandem fluorescent protein timers
A Khmelinskii, M Meurer, CT Ho, B Besenbeck, J Füller, MK Lemberg, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 27 (2), 360-370, 2016
Seamless gene tagging by endonuclease-driven homologous recombination
A Khmelinskii, M Meurer, N Duishoev, N Delhomme, M Knop
PLoS One 6 (8), e23794, 2011
Genome-wide C-SWAT library for high-throughput yeast genome tagging
M Meurer, Y Duan, E Sass, I Kats, K Herbst, BC Buchmuller, V Dederer, ...
Nature Methods 15 (8), 598-600, 2018
Protein abundance control by non-coding antisense transcription
F Huber, D Bunina, I Gupta, A Khmelinskii, M Meurer, P Theer, ...
Cell Reports 15 (12), 2625-2636, 2016
Segregation of yeast nuclear pores
A Khmelinskii, PJ Keller, H Lorenz, E Schiebel, M Knop
Nature 466 (7305), E1, 2010
Assembling the spindle midzone in the right place at the right time
A Khmelinskii, E Schiebel
Cell Cycle 7 (3), 283-286, 2008
A memory system of negative polarity cues prevents replicative aging
F Meitinger, A Khmelinskii, S Morlot, B Kurtulmus, S Palani, ...
Cell 159 (5), 1056-1069, 2014
Determinants of the cytosolic turnover of mitochondrial intermembrane space proteins
L Kowalski, P Bragoszewski, A Khmelinskii, E Glow, M Knop, A Chacinska
BMC Biology 16 (1), 66, 2018
Cell cycle control of spindle elongation
J Roostalu, E Schiebel, A Khmelinskii
Cell Cycle 9 (6), 1084-1090, 2010
Analysis of protein dynamics with tandem fluorescent protein timers
A Khmelinskii, M Knop
Exocytosis and Endocytosis, 195-210, 2014
Timer-based proteomic profiling of the ubiquitin-proteasome system reveals a substrate receptor of the GID ubiquitin ligase
KYE Kong, B Fischer, M Meurer, I Kats, Z Li, F Rühle, JD Barry, ...
Molecular cell 81 (11), 2460-2476. e11, 2021
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