Sally Bornbusch
Sally Bornbusch
Postdoctoral Fellow, Smithsonian Institute
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The importance of scale in comparative microbiome research: new insights from the gut and glands of captive and wild lemurs
LK Greene, SL Bornbusch, EA McKenney, RL Harris, SR Gorvetzian, ...
American Journal of Primatology 81 (10-11), e22974, 2019
Interactions between reproductive biology and microbiomes in wild animal species
P Comizzoli, ML Power, SL Bornbusch, CR Muletz-Wolz
Animal Microbiome 3 (1), 87, 2021
Gut microbiota of ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) vary across natural and captive populations and correlate with environmental microbiota
SL Bornbusch, LK Greene, S Rahobilalaina, S Calkins, RS Rothman, ...
Animal Microbiome 4 (1), 29, 2022
A comparative study of gut microbiomes in captive nocturnal strepsirrhines
SL Bornbusch, LK Greene, EA McKenney, SJ Volkoff, FS Midani, ...
American Journal of Primatology 81 (10-11), e22986, 2019
Antibiotics and fecal transfaunation differentially affect microbiota recovery, associations, and antibiotic resistance in lemur guts
SL Bornbusch, RL Harris, NM Grebe, K Roche, K Dimac-Stohl, CM Drea
Animal Microbiome 3, 1-15, 2021
Stable and transient structural variation in lemur vaginal, labial and axillary microbiomes: patterns by species, body site, ovarian hormones and forest access
SL Bornbusch, NM Grebe, S Lunn, CA Southworth, K Dimac-Stohl, ...
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 96 (6), fiaa090, 2020
Antibiotic resistance genes in lemur gut and soil microbiota along a gradient of anthropogenic disturbance
SL Bornbusch, CM Drea
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9 (https://doi.org/10.3389/fevo.2021 …, 2021
The evolution of primate short-term memory
E Herrmann, M Joly, L Loyant
Animal behavior and cognition 9 (4), 428-516, 2022
Ecoevolutionary processes structure milk microbiomes across the mammalian tree of life
MM Keady, RR Jimenez, M Bragg, JCP Wagner, SL Bornbusch, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (28), e2218900120, 2023
Daily lettuce supplements promote foraging behavior and modify the gut microbiota in captive frugivores
LK Greene, TA Clarke, CA Southworth, SL Bornbusch, EE Ehmke
Zoo biology 39 (5), 334-344, 2020
Allometry of individual reproduction and defense in eusocial colonies: A comparative approach to trade-offs in social sponge-dwelling Synalpheus shrimps
SL Bornbusch, JS Lefcheck, JE Duffy
Plos one 13 (3), e0193305, 2018
Microbial rewilding in the gut microbiomes of captive ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) in Madagascar
SL Bornbusch, TA Clarke, S Hobilalaina, HS Reseva, M LaFleur, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 22388, 2022
Milk microbiomes of three great ape species vary among host species and over time
SL Bornbusch, MM Keady, ML Power, CR Muletz-Wolz
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 11017, 2022
Longitudinal effects of antibiotics and fecal transplant on lemur gut microbiota structure, associations, and resistomes
SL Bornbusch, RL Harris, NM Grebe, K Roche, K Dimac-Stohl, CM Drea
BioRxiv, 2020.11. 11.378349, 2020
Gut microbiomes of captive primates show phylosymbiosis, respond to dietary sugar reduction, and select for host-specific dietary microbes
SL Bornbusch, CR Muletz-Wolz, E Lopez-Bondarchuk, MT Maslanka, ...
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 99 (8), fiad069, 2023
Prevalence, infection intensity and genotyping of Giardia duodenalis in ring-tailed lemurs Lemur catta from European zoos and wild populations
A Fomsgaard, MW Rosenstierne, M Rasmussen, P Wright, G Bueno, ...
Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 8 (4), 253-258, 2020
Gut bacterial composition shows sex-specific shifts during breeding season in ex situ managed black-footed ferrets
AL DeCandia, L Adeduro, P Thacher, A Crosier, P Marinari, R Bortner, ...
Journal of Heredity, esad065, 2023
Fecal microbiota transplants modulate the gut microbiome of a two‐toed sloth (Choloepus didactylus)
PR Thacher, EL Kendrick, M Maslanka, CR Muletz‐Wolz, SL Bornbusch
Zoo Biology, 2023
Dogs, Primates, and People: A Review
S Waters, T Watson, ZJ Farris, S Bornbusch, K Valenta, TA Clarke, ...
Primates in Anthropogenic Landscapes: Exploring Primate Behavioural …, 2023
The evolution of primate short-term memory
G Aguenounon, M Allritz, D Altschul, S Ballesta, A Beaud, M Bohn, ...
Animal Behavior and Cognition 9 (4), 428-516, 2022
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